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08 13 ,2015

Eastimage Carried out On-site Maintenance at Beijing Tiananmen Square

From 13th to 17th July, 2015, Eastimage carried out on-site maintenance for more than 20 units of x-ray security equipment that had been installed at Tiananmen Square in Beijing since 2013. Tiananmen Square is the iconic location of the national capital. Also, it is the symbol of People’s Republic of China. Therefore, Tiananmen is a public place with the most stringent security level in China, which receives about 50,000 visitors every day and even more than 120,000 visitors in holidays. Parade will take place there on 1st October, China’s National day. Eastimage carried out maintenance for the Parade.

In the middle of July in 2015, Eastimage carried out centralized checking for security equipment in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The chairman of Eastimage led the team to meet with the leaders in Tiananmen branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau and exchanged views on bilateral cooperation and inspection work.

Since the year of 2013, more than twenty security machines manufactured by Eastimage have been put in use of security inspection of Tiananmen Square and the multi-tasking has been heavy. Experienced after-sale engineers have been busy checking the x-ray security machines at various security checkpoints in Tiananmen Square including each import and export of the square, underground passage, National Theatre, Letters and Visits Office, Workers Cultural Center and so on. In such hot conditions, our engineers carefully maintain and clean the equipment and check a total of 34 projects including the hardware, software and security of the equipment. In addition, they communicate with the operators about the matters which should be paid attention to when operating to make sure every machine will be in normal operation. The five-day inspection work comes to a successful conclusion. Our security equipment has been well-received among customers because of excellent performance and good after-sale service. Our machines will provide the important security assurance for the military parade and the celebration of National Day.

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