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09 04 ,2014

Eastimage Safeguards the 2nd Nanjing Youth Olympic Games

Summer Youth Olympic Games is held every four years. After its inception in Singapore in 2010, the 2nd Youth Olympic Game was held in Nanjing ---- a famous historical city in China on 16-28th August. And this was very successful with perfectly flawless organization. 

The Opening Ceremony began with the arrival of the President of the People’s Republic of China XI Jinping and International Olympic Committee president Thomas BACH in Nanjing Olympic sports center. More than 60,000 people gathered at the ceremony, including participators from 204 countries, everyone was impressed with the perfect performance and passion of being young.

Nanjing has taken much time and efforts to prepare for the games. “Share the games, share our dreams” everyone enjoyed it and learned spirit of the Olympic. “The organization of these Games was perfectly flawless.” Thomas BACH spoke at the closing ceremony.

As to the security of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Shanghai Eastimage is the supplier of security inspection equipment, safeguarding the games with its quality products and good team for more than one month. Excellent performance was provided by Eastimage, who has much experience for large-scale events, like 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 World Expo Shanghai.

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