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12 18 ,2014

An Introduction about Baggage Scanner Machine

Easy to say, baggage scanner machine is a useful device designed to detect suspicious packages usually used in airports. The size of these scanners range from little ones found in mail rooms to large industrial ones commonly found in airports. The baggage scanner machine is widely used in modern society. Now let’s learn about the baggage scanner machine.

A baggage scanner machine should have these components to make a complete device. The core system includes DSP Processors, Amplifiers, Converters, Power Management and Temperature Sensors. DPS is shorted for digital processing station. It can be used for image reconstruction needed to produce images of the scanned items from the signals received by the photo-detector arrays. In order to amplify the low-to-medium frequency signals from the photo-detector array for the ADC, a very low-current and noise amplifiers are required. They are usually the necessary limiting component for the wide dynamic range. A low noise is also necessary to varying signal magnitude in most situations. ADCs, shorted for analog-to-digital converter, are normally delta-sigma types with integrated I-to-V conversion. They can be used to convert the low-level current to digital information. The whole progress can be processed by the computing element. Typically the voltage input ADCs are used when a separate front-end amplifier provides the I-to-V conversion. DACs (data acquisition and control system) are mostly used to create bias for the array. What’s more, the control system power is used by the acquisition system. There are normally many channels which will cause the ambient temperature in the system to rise in a system. Then a fan-control cooling machine is needed to bring down the temperature. A useful baggage scanner machine must have a core system which keeps the machine working efficiently.

How does the baggage scanner machine works? Actually its working principle is not very different. When the items in the baggage to be inspected are subjected to x-ray radiation, the unabsorbed radiation passing through the items is collected on photo-detector or a photodiode arrays. These detectors require special signal conditioning and data converters to output very low-level currents high resolution and to achieve the required resolution to image the scanned items properly. In most condition, this signal conditioning is contained within a single-chip data acquisition solution. For example, the current-to-voltage (I-to-V) conversion is included with the precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC). In other times, it will discrete very low-current or noise front-end amplifiers measure. Finally it will amplify the outputs from the photo-detector array and then drive stand-alone voltage-input ADCs.

This is the brief introduction about baggage scanner machine. If you have more questions of baggage scanner machine, you can visit www.eastimagesecurity.com to get more information.

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