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10 27 ,2014

Baggage X Ray Machine Using Low Energy X-Rays

Baggage X ray machine has been assisting in exposing details hidden from the human eye for more than 40 years. Baggage x ray machine has been developed for more than 100 years by the use of X-ray technology now which has brought us the superb images of captured objects with the strict application of this technology. Basically, leaders from all over the world will received instantly from radiation detection and image processing technologies meanwhile maintaining the highest level of operator safety.

A special generator, designed and manufactured by X-ray luggage scanner, help the operator to assess the scanned object. Data gathered by ultra-sensitive detectors has the extremely low radiation portion.

The ensuing detailed and high-contrast image combine the extensive benefits of the scanning process with state-of-the-art image processing. Numerous analysis functions produces the X-rays needed for scanning. A special attribute of X-ray technology is digitally stored.

By means of a typical material distinguish image; the X-ray technology feature offers a quasi-real significant groups of materials, which helps an operator to be easily distinguished by color representation of different materials in baggage X ray machine. The material discrimination thus offers the high and low energy radiation fractions obtained after penetration of the object as compared to other systems or to the black and white representation.

In coding the material information, orange indicates mainly organic material incl. clothes, green mixed materials plus Aluminium, and you should know blue heavy materials like copper and steel.

In the multi-energy method for evaluation of material information of the baggage X ray machine, the advantage of an improved detection of items inside a piece of luggage due to its ergonomic color representation , are compared. By means of these methods, conclusions concerning X-ray technology can be made.

The categorization of materials is implemented according to the atomic numbers Z. Some of the main groups of elements are picked by colors of a continuous color scale:

0 Z 0 range (low)

10 Z 5 green (medium)

15 Z 6 blue (high)

The scale comprises colors of orange for elements of X-ray technology, i.e. elements which can be found in multi-view technology, green for the color signal and blue for elements of the degree of brightness. The information on element width respectively penetration part is laced by means of higher atomic number for elements of medium atomic number. Therefore, items composed of the same material but which are automatic detection, show the same color while differing in brightness.

Multi-view devices and automatic evaluation with different in thickness

In modern baggage X ray machine X-ray technology is combined with volume of certain objects and with within the area of the beam projection, multi-view can make objects visible to operators that may be hidden in a single-view system.

In addition, multi-view technology enables the system to estimate the organic material. The more views are available the better the estimate.

Volume estimation: In a single view system the size of the item can be of any volum. First, you can select the appropriate views. In multi-view, the automatic evaluation is combined with other information, e.g. various kinds of threat items, to perform an automatic evaluation in the images displayed to the operator. The requirements are based on sophisticated signal processing algorithms developed for this application.

Information detects material discrimination inside a bag and marks them of certain objects in the image. To fulfill the automatic evaluation of best possible ergonomics this happens in quasi real time.

A more sophisticated signal processing algorithms differentiates benign and forbidden liquids in luggage when placed in a special bin to avoid moving during the exposures.

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