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04 06 ,2016

Benefits of the Handheld Metal Detectors

With the improvement of our living standard, we have higher requirements on our living environment. We hope to create a safe world. However, terrorist attacks and other dangerous accidents happen from time to time. Paris and Brussels Attacks warned us of the importance of the security inspection. We need the X-ray baggage inspection system. Security inspection equipment like baggage scanner, security door and handheld metal detectors should be widely used at the airport and railway stations. Only in this way can we reduce the attacks.

Among all kinds of devices in the X-ray baggage inspection system, handheld metal detector is a special one. It can not only be used for baggage inspection, but also can be used for body inspection. Handheld metal detector has a lot of advantages.

Firstly, the handheld metal detector is light to carry. Usually, the handheld metal detector has small size and light weight. Therefore, the security screeners can be men or women. It is reported that airports in many cities have security inspection channels for women only and the screeners are all women. The handheld metal detector is convenient for female screeners.

Secondly, the most striking benefits of the handheld metal detectors lie with their simplicity and ease of use. When the hand held metal detector is turned on, transmission usually takes place between the wand and the object that is being inspected. The signal will be interrupted if it detects a metal in the inspected object.

Thirdly, handheld metal detectors can be used in X-ray baggage inspection systems in many fields. The handheld metal detectors can not only be used at the airport and railway stations, but also can be used for checking individuals at clubs, courtrooms, sporting events, schools, airports and other facilities.

The use of the handheld metal detector can greatly improve our safety index in our everyday life. During many large events, we can also see large quantities of handheld metal detectors used. For example, at the entrance of the venues for Olympic Games and World Expo, visitors should be inspected by the detectors before entering the venues.

In a word, we cannot live without the security inspection devices. In order to build a safe and peaceful world, we need the security machines. For further information about X-ray baggage inspection system, you can go to www.eastimagesecurity.com.

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