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11 24 ,2014

Brief Introduction of Airport Security Scanners

When we plan to travel or go somewhere by plane, we must be checked in the airport by airport security scanner. At present, airport security scanners are more and more widely use in the airport.

There are many things we can not bring with us in the plane, because it may threat ourselves’ or other people’s safety. Under this circumstance, the airport management department uses airport security scanners to check if passengers carry forbidden objects. And forbidden objects include: gun for military use or police use; explosive, including ammo, bomb, grenade, flare, napalm bomb, signal detonator, fireworks, etc; controlled knife, including dagger, three-square tool, broadsword, etc; poison, including cyanide, highly toxic pesticide; corrosive objects like vitriol, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid; radioactive substances; other objects threatening air safety.

The advantages of airport security scanners are outstanding. They can detect many kinds of foreign matters outside or inside body. Also, they protect personal privacy. Airport security scanners adopt weak photon detection technology, and they do not display people’s surface characteristics, which protect personal privacy. Moreover, by using airport security scanners, single detection time only lasts less than 4 seconds, and it can detect both the front of the human body and the back of human body at the same time. They are suitable for places with quantities of people. Most importantly, airport security scanners contain low dose of radiation. A people who accept the check from airport security scanners only is radiated 0.25μSv, which is below the flying on the plane for 4minutes from the natural radiation. Moreover, airport security scanners can be improved according to the different needs of different users. In addition, they have unique alarm function aiming at metal, explosive, contraband, suspicious character, etc. They can accurately detect explosive, detonator, lighter, printing ink, jewelry carried by human body. And they can detect metal objects, nonmetal objects, liquid, powder hidden inside body efficiently, so they make security check do not pause, which ensures stream of people unblocked. They are in light weight and just occupy small space, making them flexible and removable.

Though airport security scanners have lot of superior advantages, there are some points which need us to pay attention to. Because that the airport security scanners will emit radiation, they may do harm to pregnant woman. It requires that female aircrew should adopt complementary control measures, making the effective dose them accepted under 20μSv /a. And they should accept less than 1μSv in the surface of their stomach.

Airport security scanners develop from the first generation to nowadays the third generation. The first generation airport security scanners can only detect metal objects, and it can not detect those nonmetal objects carried by passengers. The second generation airport security scanners are being popularized by most countries in the world. They need detect human body twice, and they can only display the naked body, which encroaching people’s privacy.  The third generation airport security scanners are superior. They can not only detect metal objects, but also nonmetal objects, liquid, bombs, powder carried by bodies, making terrorist nowhere for them to hide. And it can protect passengers’ privacy efficiently.

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