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08 20 ,2014

China Baggage Screening Equipment Manufacturer Produces High Resolution Images

After evaluating the effective screening view for some of the security instruments, top China baggage screening equipment manufacturer finds out that the deciding factors of the angular position are uniform under the projected laser beam. What is more, China baggage inspection manufacturer points out that where there is the higher constraint on the machine, spatial resolution of the screening images always exists due to the specific beam width and that the distribution of the screening radiance along a section of the baggage is typically in a geometrical manner. As a matter of fact, in the present investigation on the development of the baggage screening equipment, the special requirements of the sensor head call for special attention because the planning needs to be carried out by ensuring the right direction and angle. However, this result does not necessarily imply that the relationship between the screening angular position and the target baggage is static since a decrease of the beam width can improve the adaptability of China baggage screening equipment manufacturer’ products. In addition, in the case of uniform information distribution, some of the China baggage screening equipment manufacturer in fact has observed the significant effect of the screening sample step, which is reported in some baggage screen brochures and some research papers. Therefore, it can be concluded that the resolution of the machine is rather promising and effective.

What is more, on the basis of repeated scientific studies, China baggage screening equipment manufacturer concludes that the spatial sampling frequency of the screening equipment is expected to reach at least two times the frequency in the observed surface of the target baggage so as to achieve the optimal screening performance. For this reason, the minimum size of the observable features of the baggage is in general two times the sampling step at typical distances of the information acquisition. The tools, such as filtering, clean-up, and element fix, have been proved to be very effective for China baggage screening equipment manufacturer in spite of the fact that the accuracy of the machine is impacted by these tools at different stages, which requires further analysis. For instance, as top China baggage screening equipment manufacturer claims, if the target has been screened before it enters the security ports at twenty and forty meters in distance, its observable features will be clearer in the second case with the help of the corresponding numerical simulations. Apart from the analysis of the obtained screening data, China baggage screening equipment manufacturer also has some insights about the technological improvements that are necessary to produce the required screening image resolution under different circumstances. At the same time, China X Ray baggage scanner company tends to offer some operational suggestions to the screening equipment practitioners.

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