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11 21 ,2014

Drug Enforcement Agency’s Good Helper-Narcotics Detecting Equipment

As is known to all, narcotics do much harm to both our body and our mental health. Though people may feel happy after they take X-ray security detector for a short while, it is easy for people to be addicted to them soon after taking them. Narcotics include opium, morphine, heroin, etc. After these substances enter people’s body, they act on people’s brain, causing changes of consciousness, feelings and behaviors. They are very harmful. On the one hand, they will poison different systems, especially the nervous system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system. On the other hand, they are addictive, which means, drug users have to take it and increase dose because our engine bodies get used to its affection. Stop taking narcotics may cause severe anxiety and uneasiness, and it makes narcotics addicts feel painful and miserable. Narcotics do much harm to out human beings, and that is the reason why we need narcotics detecting equipment to ban narcotics.

The application of narcotics detecting equipment is wide. It can be used in container wharf, container, highway and checkpoint to check dangerous goods. It can be also used to help the coast guard and sea patrol to search port, and it can help ministry of foreign affairs to search the diplomatic mansion, VIP hotel, public facilities, and places of entertainment. In addition, in the train station or bus passenger terminal, security staffs use it to conduct security check to baggage, cargo, mail. Moreover, it can be used in customs, shipping, prisons, etc.

Narcotics detecting equipment owns extremely high detection sensitivity, and it can directly detect microcrystalline cannabis sativa, ecstasy, inframicrobe, methamphetamine and other narcotics. Precursor chemicals detecting equipment can detect narcotics over 9g, and the testing time only lasts about 10 seconds, which is the most practical narcotics detecting equipment in the world. It is developed by IMS ionic migration spectrum technology, and it adopts the generation, remove, identification of micro-sample ionic technology as well as signal processing advanced technology. This kind of narcotics detecting equipment is suitable for the police, custom, border defense and other narcotics department to investigate behaviors of concealing drugs by using parcel, baggage.

Narcotics detecting equipment’s sample mode is test paper and suction. If it detects narcotic material, it will alarm by making sound or alarm visually.

Each material has its specific molecular structure, which means every material owns its own characteristic. On the basis of molecular structure of each material, narcotics detecting equipment give each material a characteristic and then solidify these characteristics to the memory card of main engine. Therefore, narcotics detecting equipment can locate all materials with similar characteristics nearby. The equipment sends signals to operator through antenna and tells operator where this kind of material exists. Though this device can only judge whether narcotics exists or not, it can not tell the specific quantity.

Narcotics detecting equipment is a really good helper for drug enforcement agency to search narcotics, which is essential to exclude unrelated district and determine dangerous district in a safety check. It provides the possibility to detect target area quickly, which greatly saves manpower and material resources.

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