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12 14 ,2015

FAQs of X Ray Baggage Scanners

Speaking of X ray baggage scanner, you might be familiar with the security inspection equipment. We often see the machine at the entrance of railway station, security check points at airports and many other places. However, you might not know too much professional knowledge about X ray baggage scanner. Here I would like to share some information about X ray baggage scanner and x ray baggage scanner price with you.

1. What is X ray baggage scanner?
An X ray baggage scanner is actually a metal detector consisting of conveyor belt, scanning equipment and screen. A conveyor belt carries each item past an X-ray machine. X-rays are like light in that they are electromagnetic waves. But X rays of x ray baggage scanner are more energetic, so they can penetrate many materials. Usually, the machine used in airports is based on a dual-energy X-ray system. This system has a single X-ray source sending out X-rays, typically in the range of 140 to 160kilovolt peak (KVP). KVP refers to the amount of penetration an X-ray makes. The higher the KVP, the further the X-ray penetrates.

2. What is X ray baggage scanner used for?
X ray baggage scanner is mostly used for security inspection. Once there are prohibited items like metal objects including knives, explosives, things easy to cause fires like lighters, the X ray baggage scanner will alarm. We can see different colors are shown on the screen of the X-ray machine when different objects are passing through the machine. These colors show what kind of objects are in the baggage. Therefore, X ray baggage scanner is quite suitable for security inspection at the airports, railways and underground stations. These places are full of people and it is important to guarantee the security in these places.

3. Where to wholesale X ray baggage scanner?
Since X ray baggage scanner has such a strong function, is x ray baggage scanner price high? Actually, the security machine has been widely used in our life. X ray baggage scanner price has been reduced because the technology has been advanced. During the same period of time, more X ray baggage scanner can be manufactured than before. If you are looking for high-quality machine with reasonable x ray baggage scanner price, Eastimage is a good place to go. You can find a lot of useful security machines and detectors. What’s the most important is that X ray machine provided by Eastimage has high quality but reasonable price. For wholesalers, it is absolutely a good choice to choose Eastimage.

If you want to learn more information about X ray baggage scanner and metal detectors, Eastimage is waiting for you. For further information, click www.eastimagesecurity.com.

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