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10 23 ,2014

Future Directions of the Under Vehicle Search Mirror

The under vehicle search mirror sensor’s driver software has been designed so that a variety of classification algorithms can be inserted. By doing so, different kinds of objects can be classified in real time in order to facilitate the integration into a service oriented architecture by providing a under vehicle search mirror interface to achieve the high level sensor functionality. This is mainly because future directions of the user friendly baggage x ray scanner development will be pursued along a variety of focus areas, including acquiring more signature data from the under vehicle search mirror sensor for a wider variety of objects. And the user friendly under vehicle search mirror open range will be vastly expanded at the same time with a more detailed algorithm analysis that relates the resolution of the sensor to its discrimination capabilities. To be more specific, this function is in bad need to determine the optimal number of under vehicle search mirror as well as detectors and their arrangement within the security system at a range of areas.

At the same time, this is because for a given classification task, user friendly under vehicle search mirror in many applications of the sensor will be imperative to execute the detection algorithms with the help of a light weight, low cost platform that is embedded within the sensor. It is a truth universally acknowledged that minimizing under vehicle search mirror network by transmitting the high level classification results, as opposed to raw or compressed data or silhouettes of the system is desirable in many potential applications. However, other applications require direct classification of the under vehicle search mirror sensed data so that perception studies are required in order to evaluate the efficacy of manual classification of the images or silhouettes. And user friendly under vehicle search mirror power consumption analysis as well as optimization effort is needed prior to the deployment of the mirror while developing techniques for covert placement should be found out at all time. Development of a second version of the under vehicle search mirror sensor has been planned and under research, which will be more durable to support further testing in typical application scenarios. Ultimately, the realization of the user friendly under vehicle search mirror sparse detector sensor with a self-contained power supply in an embedded system marked by effective computation and outstanding communication capability in a service oriented environment is widely seen as a worthwhile goal. When items pass through a treatment stage in the under vehicle search mirror, alarm might be set according to necessity. With some economic considerations, more advanced user friendly under vehicle search mirror will be installed in more security ports and will reduce the running costs in the long run.

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