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06 12 ,2016

Hotel X-ray Security Machines Protecting Our Security

With the development of science and technology, the security check devices are developed. There are a lot of security machines used at the airports, railway stations, metro stations, courts and government departments. In order to guarantee the safety of people, we need the security check devices.

The hotel is such a special place that it brings people from all over the world together. A luxury hotel often has high-quality security measures. For example, there should be hotel X-ray security machines at the entrances of the hotel.

The hotel X-ray security detectors are essential components in the protection of vital infrastructure as they are used to detect threat objects (explosives, weapons, etc.) and prevent their introduction into strategically important buildings. Once the guests try to bring the metal items like knives and guns into the hotel, the hotel X-ray security machines can immediately find the contrabands.

The current technology of hotel X-ray security machines is based on x-ray attenuation, meaning that the detection of threat objects relies on how various objects differently attenuate the x-ray beams going through them.

No matter you are a VIP guest or ordinary guest, your baggage should be checked by the security check devices before you enter the hotel. Firstly, we should take out the objects like the laptop in case the X-ray will damage the laptop. Secondly, put the baggage on the hotel X-ray security machines and the conveyor belt will transport the baggage to the main machine. The outline of the items inside the baggage will be shown on the screen of the security check device. The complete security inspection only takes a few seconds. There is no need for you to worry about wasting time.

In addition to the hotel x-ray security machines, there are many other security check devices in the market. For example, there are explosive and narcotics scanners, liquid scanners and other baggage scanners in the market. Apart from the baggage, people should also be inspected in some places. The security door is used for human body detection. It will not do harm to people’s health. Also, it only takes a few seconds.

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