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07 17 ,2015

Knowledge About Security Door Specifications You Must Know

In modern society, security door can be found in any highly sensitive public places such as airports, government buildings, railway stations, malls and so on. It is installed at the entrance for detecting metal weapons, contraband or other harmful metal object carried by a person hidden under non-metal object. For security door buyers, they must know some security door specifications firstly before buying security inspection machine. Security door offers a modern technology to secure entry checkpoints for important locations like airports, transport terminals, buildings, and so on. Our X-ray security detecting system is designed to detect contraband, weapons, dangerous and illegal items.

As to the security door specifications, security inspection machine has equipped microcomputer controlled motor to extend working life, so it is easy to operate. Its history data can be processed and saved automatically before system switched off. What's more, it is very sensitive and anti-jamming. Equipped with latest microchip, it is reliable with excellent performance. The whole working progress is controlled by automatically digital signal. In addition, our security inspection machine has self-designed high-frequency power switch and self-developed patent technology. Moreover, it has integrated and optimized design for reducing components, replaced electronic system by computer control, lower malfunction. Last but not least, it is easy to installation and maintenance. Over 100 systems per month installed in china and abroad.

With design for both single point and multi point location, the detector is capable of accurately locating magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed-alloy metal weapon and etc with high level of discrimination. When target detected, there will be visual and audio signal simultaneously. In case of detection of metallic mass, the detector also gives a illuminated “height on person” display to indicate the exact position of the target. In addition, it has exceptional immunity function to improve the accuracy even though in case of electrical noise, which also depends on the transit speed.

As a professional manufacturer of security inspection machine, we are certificated by ISO 9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 and OHSMS18001 GB/ T 28001-2001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System). We have Radiation Safety license from China Environmental Protection Administration. Our security inspection machine had received certifications of CE, Test report from China Ministry of Public Security and Copyright for image Operation software SPHOTO. If you are in need of baggage scanner, you can visit www.eastimagesecurity.com to get more information.

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