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06 23 ,2017

Learn something from security screening system

  As we all known, security screening system is used in airport with airport security machine. It is obvious that this system is able to help workers to monitor the machine. In the crowed places, such as airport space, workers will use lots of security machines to protect the security of people, including portable metal detector and walk-through metal door. Due to the number of people belongings is various, must use a baggage radiation X-ray machines, airport security scanners. The airport security machine luggage radiation is essential equipment for security scanner, we learn about the information of airport security baggage and security screening system.

  When people go through the security check with airport security machine, security personnel only need to monitor the security screening system. From the security screening, workers can find dangerous items and ensure the security of the flight. Exactly how radiation airport security baggage scanner, we together to get to know the information about the airport security machine and the security system. Airport security baggage by X-ray radiation scanner works, it is typically used in airport checked and hand baggage inspection. In order to get more news about this machine, we invited a workers from shanghai Eastiamge, which is a famous security machine suppliers.

  In the following section, this workers from shanghai Eastiamge will tell us something about airport security machine and security screening system. This man suggested us that quarantined items must be made via X-ray radiation, through the items were not absorbed radiation will be collected in the imaging detector (usually a photodiode array. The detector output need special signal to adjust the low level of current, and high-resolution data converter is required to achieve the necessary resolution appeared in the correct items in the scan. The signal conditioning sometimes included in the single chip data acquisition solution, as precision analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with current - to - voltage (I - to - V) conversion. Those items should be in order before people go through safety check in the airport.

  What’s more, worker from shanghai Eastiamge also gives our advice that discrete low current/front-end amplifier noise measurements and enlarge image output current of the detector array, and then drive the independent voltage input ADC. In this way, we are able to pass the security check without delay. Hence, people had better follow the advice from worker, as for in doing so, people can save more time and energy.

  To sum up, airport security machine and security screening system are very important in the airport security. Besides, following the suggestions from security personnel is a wise way to avoid troubles. If you want to learn more information about security scanner, you can get more from shanghai Eastimage at www.eastimagesecurity.com. In this website, you are able to learn more information about airport security scanner.


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