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08 06 ,2015

Maintaining of X-ray Security Machine

Since X-ray security machines are of great importance in the process of airport security, the maintaining of X-ray security machines parts cannot be ignored. To maintain X-ray security machines parts in a good condition, we should not only learn the technical performance and structural principle of the X-ray equipment, but also operate properly. Only in this way can extend the lifetime of X-ray security machines parts and exert the efficacy. Here are some tips on maintaining X-ray security machines parts and X-ray equipment.
1. Check the X-ray indicator. X-ray light indicates the working status of the system. If the indicator fails, you should immediately inspect and replace X-ray indicator.
2. Check all control units of the X-ray equipment. Check the keyboard and all control components on the chassis, mechanical properties emergency stop switches, buttons, LEDs and electronic functions.
3. Detect system function. Mainly detect whether the conveyor can do both forward and reverse operation. Whether conveyor can automatically treat when there are remaining parcels in the channel and whether the X-ray equipment can still run and stitching when the image stops running are also can be detected.
4. Check lead curtain of the x-ray security machine. Check the lead curtain strip in channel inlet and outlet, if there is shortage and damage, they should be replaced.
5. An important part of X-ray security machines parts is roller. Damaged axle roller will produce noise and may cause motor overload, it must be replaced when necessary.
6. Check motor of the X-ray equipment. Damaged motor may leak, thereby soiling the subject goods. The damage to the motor may cause a greater noise and motor overload.
7. Check supply voltage. To avoid damage to electronic components, regularly check the input voltage of the device is necessary. If the device uses the exchange regulator, the regulator's input and output voltage should be checked, too.
8. Check the X-ray controller. Adjusting the X-ray controller must be performed by qualified person.

Learning so many maintaining and testing of x-ray security machines parts, you might also be curious about the other applications of X-ray equipment. Except X-ray security machines, X-ray equipment are usually used in medical treatment. If you are in need of X-ray equipment, you can contact us by logging in www.eastimagesecurity.com.

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