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03 20 ,2017

The Effective Use of Hand Held Metal Detector in Big Events

  In the IAAF World Championships BEIJING 2015, you will find the application of Hand Held metal detector which can protect the security of audiences and staffs. As we all known that China was not that good in track and field events in the past. The medals are almost contracted by African countries, America and Russia. However, this time, China won a gold medal and a silver medal for Men's 4 x100 Relay. What amazing news! Audience in the Bird's Nest stood up and cheered for the athletes. The audience in the Bird's Nest reached a number of 80,000. Here is the question coming. How could we ensure the safety of the stadium? Security inspection equipment plays an important role.

  Security inspection equipment includes hand held metal detector, baggage scanner and security door and so on. All the audience who are going to watch the game should accept the inspection of these devices. Sometimes, the security staff will take you to a special room for further inspection if there are some suspicious items on you. Early before the starting of the games, the security inspection should start because there is too much audience need to be detected. The audience needs to walk through the security door and lay their bag on a baggage scanner. After that, staffs will use hand held metal detector to do further check. You might be interested in instructions on hand held laser scanner.

  When you are checked by hand held metal detector, you should take off metal items on you. For example, the necklace, the keys and the mobile phones should all be taken away. After inspection, you can take your objects and get into the stadium. What should be paid attention to is that people under inspection should completely cooperate with the security staff. People under inspection should not be in a bolshie mood.

  Instructions on hand held laser scanner for security staff is also important to learn. Security staff should be sensitive to the alarm of the hand held metal detector. Also, staff should be able to deal with the false alarm.

  That is all for instructions on hand held metal detector. If you still have some questions or some useful advice on our products, you can contact us by clicking www.eastimagesecurity.com. Your questions will be answered and your advice will be accepted. You can trust us as we are professional in making hand held metal detectors. In addition, price we provide is sure to be reasonable.


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