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12 16 ,2016

why does backscatter body scanner not use in airport

Backscatter body is not used at American airport security check anymore. However, many people don’t know the reason that the disappearance of backscatter body scanner, thus this article will tell you the reason. When this backscatter body scanner was installed in the American airport, it raised worries among passengers about exposure private information. This airport security machine produces very graphic body images during airport security check. Thus, many people sent their worries to the American Transportation Security Administration and asked it to change this security machine. In the end, the American Transportation Security Administration agreed to change this airport security machine and replace another one.

Furthermore, this kind of backscatter body scanner has existed quality problem. The airport security scanner manufacture had not paid too much attention in the production progress of backscatter body scanners, hence, this security scanner machine can’t be used in airport security check. The airport security check is started at passengers step through the scanners and raised their arms. Then the security worker will use portable security scanner to scan passenger. After that, the airport security check is finished. Therefore, a high quality backscatter body scanner is a must in the security check. Shanghai Eastimage always produces high quality security body scanner. If airport want to wholesale high quality security scanner, they can contact shanghai Eastimage.

Moreover, this backscatter body scanner was installed in the part American government buildings. By the way, the Transportation Security Administration is planning to expand PreCheck program in American airport security check. This security department tries to use this project to release the stress of airport security check. While a high quality airport security machine is still necessary to airport security check. Hence, American airport decided to cooperate with another airport security machine manufacture. Additionally, the previous airport security machine manufacture had to undertake the lost by itself. And the American Transportation Security Administration also stopped the contact with the previous manufacture.

To sum up, backscatter body scanner is not suitable to install in the airport security check. Hence, an airport security machine is not only high quality, but also suitable to be used in the public places. In this way, the Transportation Security Administration need to test the quality and function of airport security machine before install it in the airport or subway station. Shanghai Eastimge is a reliable security scanner manufacture. If you want to whole sale high quality security scanner, you can contact our company to get a reasonable price. Besides, you can also find various security inspection machines in our company at the same time.

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