EI-NG3010 Neutron & Gamma Survey Meter
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EI-NG3010 Neutron & Gamma Survey Meter

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EI-NG3010 Neutron & Gamma Survey Meter

Product Introduction:

EI-NG3010 is a hand-held radiation survey meter designed for detection of neutron and gamma radiation at the same time. Its neutron detector is surrounded by unique cylindrical moderator which greatly improves the sensitivity. With the advantages of small, digitization, intelligence, etc., it is easy to be handheld or carried. It can be used to do the measurement and survey job of neutron, x, γ.

Main Features:

◆ Independent neutron/Gamma detection channel and independent alarms display

◆ To detect x, γ, neutron

◆ Freely switch between three detection modes of counting rate, dose rate, accumulated dose

◆ High-definition LCD with backlight

◆ Audible, visible and radiation icon alarms simultaneously, alarm threshold is continuously adjustable

◆ Electro-magnetic interference immunity, CE compliant

◆ Comply with ANSI N42.35 and ITRAP standard


◆ Radiation protection of nuclear facilities, nuclear regulation departments and the enterprises with radioactive sources

◆ Emergency response for Disease Control Centers and environment monitoring department  

◆ Security of large-scale activities, embassies and consulates abroad

◆ Prevent illegal transportation of radioactive materials or nuclear terrorist attacks from occurring

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