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  • Shanghai Eastimage Equipment Co., Ltd
  • Address : NO.111, Zhiye Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, P.R.China
  • Phone : +86-21-33909331
  • Email : sales@eastimage.com.cn


Eastimage - Your reliable security products partner

◘ Won the bid of chengdu Metro,Guiyang Metro security equipment procurement Project
◘ Won the bid of China General Administration of Customs Security Procurement Project
◘ Fujian Highway System Security Procurement Project
◘ Won the bid of Maintenance of Tianjin Metro Security Inspection Equipment  Project
◘ Supplier of the Ministry of Interior from Tunisia
◘ Won the bid of Shijiazhuang Metro, Hefei Metro and Wuhan Metro security equipment procurement Project
◘ Established Eastimage Kunshan Factory and subsidiary Shanghai Imaging Security Technologies Co., Ltd


◘ Supplier of the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games 2014
◘ Supplier of the 4th CICA Summit
◘ Undertake security inspection project of Sudan international airport 
◘ launched dial view x-ray baggage inspection system
◘ New products EI-V100100 and EI-100120S entered Russia airport
◘ Won the bid of Zhengzhou Metro, Guiyang Metro and Tianjin Metro security equipment procurement
◘ Security inspection equipment supplier of SF Express Company
◘ Two invention patents are obtained: "a plug-in mobile inspection system based on backscattering imaging" and "an image display method for security inspection equipment"
◘ Obtained six utility model patents and three design patents

◘ Supplier of the Hangzhou G20 Summit 2016
◘ Security supplier to Beijing Tian An Men Square 
◘ Supplier of the 12th Chinese National Games  
◘ Supplier of Beijing Metro line 6 
◘ Supplier of 14th International Swimming Federation (FINA) World Championship
◘ Supplier of the 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minority
◘ Awarded “Shanghai Star Software Enterprise”
◘ Awarded “Shanghai Outstanding Software Products”
◘ Awarded “2011 Technology Innovation Prize” by China Association for Quality
◘ Obtained FCC certification for all Eastimage products
◘ Eastimage’s Vehicle inspection system was chosen for “World Horticultural Exposition”
◘ Supplier of Shanghai World Expo 2010
◘ Supplier of Guangzhou Asian Games 2010
◘ Registered “E-sight:, “E-view”, and “E-goon” trademarks
◘ Obtained FDA certificate for radiation-emitting electronic device
◘ R&D and Production Center relocated to new address on Nov. 25, 2010
2006 – 2008
◘ Supplier of Beijing Olympics 2008
◘ Supplier of Chinese Football Association Super League
◘ Passed “ISO 14001”
◘ Passed “GB/T 28001”
2003 – 2005
◘ Eastimage was founded
◘ “Eastimage” trademark was registered
◘ Passed “ISO 9001:2008”
◘ Obtained “AAA credit rating”
◘ Obtained patent for X-ray inspection equipment
◘ Awarded “Shanghai Key New Product Title” for X-ray Inspection system

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