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EI-SD300 Liquid Detector

Main Features

 Quasi-static computed tomography to define the object inflammable and explosive through measuring liquid dielectric constant and conductivity

 Touch less detection of hazardous liquids

 The device is equipped with automatic shutdown function which can be activated by the press of a button

 The detector does not contain ion, radiation and other potential dangerous elements, it is safe and harmless to the operator

 Comply with 89/336/ EEC and 2002/95/ EC (RoHS) standards, lead free

 For security inspection, fire hazard detection

Technical Specifications

Technology:Quasi-static computed tomography
Maximum container thickness:8mm non-mental container
Effective distance:Within 3mm
Effective detecting dangerous liquid:More than 50 kinds of dangerous liquids such as petrol, diesel oil, coal oil, no water ethanol, acetone, benzene etc
Dangerous Liquid Display:Red “X”
Safe Liquid Display:Green “O”
Unknown Liquid Display:Yellow “?”& “Unknown Liquid”
Working Voltage:3V
Power Attenuation:0.75 VA
Operating Current:250mA
Operating temperature/Humidity:0℃~35℃/0~95% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature/Humidity:-40℃~60℃/0~95% (non-condensing)
Exterior Dimension:210×50×70mm
Weight:190g(with Battery)

*With continued R&D, EASTIMAGE reservers the right to amend specifications without notice.


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