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EI-V8 Under Vehicle Search System

Product Introduction

EI-V8 Under Vehicle Search System is a multifunction product,It can also display images of the four directions, expands horizons, moving Both moving and fixed detection mode, prohibited items at the end of the car safety inspections.The product has a DVR recording, easy image storage To do backup on SD card, allow security personnel to quickly check and improve the working Efficiency. The product applies to airports, ports, customs, prisons, the military banned District, hotel security check on the vehicle chassis.

Product Parameter

 Monitors, digital video recorders, SD card power supply

 The instrument has 4 cameras and one LED fill light, you can also see things clearly when the ambient light is weak.

 Quad-channel color video processor parameter

 Four-channel color video processor parameters

 Working voltage: DC12V (rechargeable)

 Connecting rod length: 1.3 m

 Camera base unit height: 9.5cm

 Operating temperature:-10 c-+ 50 c (degrees centigrade)

 Net weight: 9Kg

 Gross weight: 23Kg

 Size: display: 47*19* 39cm 

 Body packing: 74*43* 17cm

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