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Radiation Alarm

EI-G3150 Radiation Alarm

Product Introduction

EI-G3150 Radiation alarm is a highly sensitive personal dosimeter capable of detecting X-ray and gamma radiation dose equivalent rate simultaneously. Its detector is made from CsI (Tl) crystal and silicon semiconductor composite with multiple energy compensation technology which greatly improves the sensitivity. The outstanding performance keeps you informed in real time of the radiation rate, allowing immediate reaction in case of radiation emergency, thus drastically reducing the exposure to nuclear radiation.


Silicon semiconductor and CsI (Tl) crystal composite detector
Alarm threshold adjustable continuously
Audible, visible and vibrative alarm
Electro-magnetic interference(EMI) immunity, GB/T 13161-2003 standard
USB communication, ease of use


Detector:CsI( Tl) scintillator and silicon semiconductor
Dose range:0.01μSv - 9.99Sv
Dose rate range:0.01μSv·h-1 - 1Sv·h-1
Energy range:20k eV - 1.5 MeV
Angular response:<±20% , (0 °to ± 75 ° @137Cs)
Response time:≤5 s (10 u Sv·h-1)
IP rating:IP65
Temp & Hum:ļ¼30 ° C to 60 ° C Humidity < 95%
Power supply:≥ 200 hours (Rechargeable Lithium Battery)
Weight:65g (include battery)
Dimensions (l × w ×h):86 × 56 ×10 (mm)
Date Storage:large-capacity memory can store historical data for long periods


Customs and ports
Environmental survey
Fire Departments
Emergency Response Teams
Nuclear medicine and nuclear industry
Nuclear Power Plants
Civilian "related source" of enterprises

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