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Handheld Gamma Spectrometer

EI-G1110 Handheld Gamma Spectrometer or Radionuclide Identifier

Product Introduction

EI-G1110 Handheld Gamma Spectrometer is a multi-functional equipment with high detection sensitivity and accurate radionuclide identification developed and manufactured independently by Shanghai Eastimage Equipment Co.,Ltd. It provides flexible applications as radionuclide identification, dose rate calculation and radioactive sources searching by configuring different gamma detectors, high-performance 6LiI (Eu) scintillator neutron detector(optional).


Higher sensitivity and fast response
Internal and external dual calibration without external radioactive source
High-performance lithium iodide scintillator neutron detector optional
Short warm-up time, ready for radionuclide identification in three minutes 
Automatic and manual radionuclide identification, fast and reliable
Standard ANSI N42.34 isotopes with the user-defined function
Electro-magnetic interference immunity(EMI) immunity, CE compliant


 Detector:2" NaI or 1" LBF or 1.5" LCF, 6LiI(Eu)
 Energy range:30keV to 3.0MeV
 Energy resolution:7% NaI, 3.5%LBF or LCF (137Cs source)
 Nuclide database:Medical, Industrial, Special Nuclear Materials (SNM), Natural Occurring Radioactive materials, user-defined lists
 IP rating:IP65
 Power supply:Rechargeable lithium battery (≥ 8 hours), 110/220V AC
 Temperature:-10℃ to +50℃ (14° F~122° F)
 Weight:2 kg
 Dimension (l×w×h):267×132×198 (mm) (10.5"×5.2"×7.8")
 Display:3.5" colorful TFT display
 Data storage:Built-in large-capacity memory, more than 10,000 spectrum
 Communications:USB, wireless, network port

Model of detectors

G1110-2:2"x 2" NaI
G1110-1-LBF:1"x 1" LBF
G1110-1.5-LCF:1.5"x 1.5" LCF
G1110-N:1" 6LiI(Eu)


Homeland security, customs and border control
Emergency response and enforcement of CDC, EPA
Nuclear medicine, health physics
Nuclear waste disposal, nuclear facilities
Nuclear transportation monitor

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