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Luggage Radiation Monitoring System

EI-G3940 Luggage Radiation Monitoring System

Product Introduction

EI-G3940 Luggage Radiation Monitoring System provides an easy and rapid detection of radiation from luggages to prevent illegal transportation of radioactive sources. It has been widely used in airports, customs, nuclear power plants, hospitals based on its high sensitivity, wide range and fast response. Additionally, it can distinguish Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) from Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials.


 15 liters of imported large scintillator detector
 6LiI(Eu) for neutron detection optional
 Identify SNM and NORM
 Automatic data storage of detection



  Gamma Neutron
Detector Large plastic scintillator 6LiI(Eu) scintillator  or  
Helium-3 Neutron Proportional Counters
Energy range 20keVto3.0 MeV thermal neutron to14MeV
Sensitivity an increase in 0.1μSv / h against the background level of 0.2μSv / h, alarm in less than 1 second. 
detection probability: 99.9%
Monitoring area Height:0.1m-1m. Width:1m
False alarm rate 0.1%
Temperature -30℃-50
Power supply 220V/50Hz AC
IP rating IP65
Communication  Ethernet



Customs; Airports; Railway stations; Nuclear power plants; Borders; Hospitals; Military departments; Large scale activities

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