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2014 CICA Summit


As one of the leading supplier of security industry, Shanghai Eastimage served the CICA Summit. 12 hotels where the conference participants stayed in were installed with Eastimage security products for check-in. There were 15 units security inspection equipment, including EI-5030C, EI-6550, EI-8065D and EI-10080; 41 units walkthrough metal detectors including EI-MD3000, EI-V3000 and EI-V4000; and 82 units handheld metal detectors in total.

All the security products ran well during the CICA summit, playing an important role in ensuring the security of people and articles.

World Events Market Installation Cases:


2007 Special Olympics

2008 Beijing Olympics

2009 Harbin Winter Universiade

2010 Asia games

2010 World Expo Shanghai

2011 FIFA World Championships

2011 the 9th National Games of Ethnic Minorities  of P.R.C    

2013 the 12th-games of P.R.C                          

2014 World Youth Olympics

2014 CICA Summit

2015 International Airsports Fiesta

2015 Laixi World Leisure Games

2016 G20 Summit in Hangzhou China

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