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Good News|Eastimage will supply security equipment for Zhengzhou metro 5

Recently, Shanghai Eastimage successfully won the bid in the Zhengzhou Rail Transit Security Inspection System Procurement Project and became the supplier of complete security inspection system for Zhengzhou Metro Line 5.

Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 is the only ring subway line in Zhengzhou Metro Line Network Planning. The total length of the line is 40.7 kilometers, all of which are underground lines. There are 32 stations (18 interchange stations) on the whole line.This city backbone line is expected to trial operation in early 2019. After the completion of the Zhengzhou Metro Line 5, it will become the fifth ring-line subway line in mainland China.

As the central city backbone line, connecting the various urban areas of the city, Metro Line 5 will meet a large number of transfer needs, and the mobility of personnel is high, and it is necessary to implement fast and efficient safety inspections for the inbound and outbound personnel. Eastimage is fortunate to shoulder this responsibility and will provide security equipment including large-scale dual view x ray baggage scanner , dangerous liquid detectors, explosive detectors, explosion-proof balls,hand held metal detectors for 32 stations on Line 5.

This is the third time that Eastimage has joined Zhengzhou Rail Transit after the Metro Line 2 and the suburban line. Eastimage has the confidence and strength to complete the mission and escort the normal operation of Zhengzhou Metro.

Eastimage  X ray luggage scanner in Zhengzhou Metro Line 2 Eastimage  X ray baggage scanner in Zhengzhou suburban line

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