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Uniden Base Scanner: A Review of the Uniden BC355C Base Mobile Scanner

Luckily, I found the Uniden BC355C 800 MHz 300-Channel Base Mobile Scanner which fits perfectly in my ride. If you're like me who's been searching for a mobile scanner for so long, then I want to end your search by giving you this review that will justify why you should get this model as well.
As far as design goes, this unit has very good aesthetics. The simple and yet very classy appearance of a scanner is what this device sports, and it has simple buttons that make navigation an easy task. The small but clearly backlit and digitized LCD display is easy to read even in various lighting conditions. It's also a perfect fit in the car's radio dock so you can easily install it when you're going for a drive. I prefer keeping it in the car since that's exactly my purpose for getting it. However, if you do plan to transfer it from home to car and vice versa, that's perfectly fine because it's very handy and lightweight, weighing only 1.65 pounds and having the dimensions of 5.19'' x 5.75'' x 1.63''.
Scanning and Audio Output
This Uniden base scanner has a lot of channels - 300 to be exact. Each of them are received with crystal clear audibility. The Close Call RF Technology which is a trademark of Uniden allows you to tune in to nearby active transmissions so you can stay updated with the current happenings in the neighborhood.
There are six preprogrammed service banks which are separated into different departments which include police, fire, air, marine, weather, and CB radio. There's also one personal service bank which you can completely program with 100 channels based on your own preferences. You can also set search lockouts which allow you to skip over uninteresting frequencies or those that you don't want to listen to so your search becomes much faster. Scanning is also easier and more optimal using this device because there's a two-second delay function that keeps you in a frequency with active transmission and skips only after two seconds of inactivity so you can stay updated with whatever's currently happening in the environment.

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