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EI-RS300 Raman Security Analyzer

EI-RS300 Handheld Raman Security Analyzer

Product Introduction

Handhled Raman Security Analyzer is a security inspection instrument which can quickly detect and identify the explosives, narcotics, and dangerous chemicals. The technology we use is based on raman fingerprint spectral analysis technology and network data checking technology, which do not need to touch the objects inspected but can detect and identify the explosives, narcotics ,chemicals for making narcotics and other dangerous chemicals within seconds. The test result can compare with the local date base and can also compare with the network data base system, which can help quickly detect and identify the explosives, narcotics and dangerous chemicals.
Raman fingerprint spectral analysis technology originate from the Raman scattering effects found by India scientist C.V. Raman. This effect accurately detect the material molecular vibration, molecular rotational information and identify the chemical component from the molecular level. With customized chemical material Raman data base, this device can also be applied to test chemical warfare material, chemical raw material and Jewel. EI-RS300 Handheld Raman Security Analyzer is widely applied in the field of security inspection, anti-drug, criminal investigation, fire-fighting, public security, customs smuggle control, jewel verification, documents inspection, Oil chemicals and pharmaceutical industry.

Main Features

 Show the exact HS code and chemical materials information.
 Without touching the sample, can test objects in transparent and semitransparent containers like glasses, plastic bags, beverage bottles etc.
 No radiation materials, the laser light is 785nm infrared source.
 Can test the mixed components by improved mixture automatic analysis algorithm.
 The accurate analysis algorithm automatically identify the mixture and pollution chemicals.
 High resolution, good Fingerprint specificity, each molecule has special Raman spectrum, easy to find characteristic peaks.
 Multi operating modes, like: quick inspection mode and high accuracy inspection mode to identify the materials.
 Test result can be created into PDF report and exported for easy reading.
  If more features upgraded will not update here again.

Technical Specifications

Spectrum range:200~3200 cm-1
Spectrum resolution:13 cm-1
Laser wavelength:785 nm
Detector:2048 Pixels CCD
Repeatability:<0.2 cm-1(1000 times Standard deviation of toluene scanning wavenumber)
Accuracy:<0.3cm-1(ASTM Polystyrene wave number mean square deviation)
Screen:5 Inch Colorful touch screen
Battery:lithium polymer battery for 4 hours continues working time
Power supply:DC power adapter,5VDC 2A
Working mode:Aiming detection through transparent or semitransparent container
Protection Level:IP64,Anti-vibration, water shower and dust, drop design
Weight:725g(Anti-drop cover not included)
Working temperature:Temperature:-20℃~+45℃ Humidity:≤93%(No condensation)

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