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  • CT X-Ray Machine Well Installed in African Airport for Liquid Security Inspection

    CT X-Ray Machine Well Installed in African Airport for Liquid Security Inspection:4 units EASTIMAGE self designed and produced advanced CT x-ray machines for liquid inspection installed well in airport located in west Africa. The product model EI-LS1525 X-ray machine is a new x-ray machine with the technology of computer tomography. The operator put a bottle of the unknown liquid in the machine container and touch the screen to start checking, 3 seconds later the machine finished inspection of this bottle and give report to say if it is dangerous or safe. EASTIMAGE is the x-ray machines manufacturer in China since 2003. The main products are security inspection equipment and tools including x-ray baggage scanners, walk-through metal detectors, kinds of explosive detectors and liquid security detection instrument etc. EASTIMAGE is well known China x-ray machines manufacturer who supply x-ray machines to transportations systems to users all over the world, has distributors and local serv

  • EASTIMAGE:Join Us in Dubai Intersec 2020 Security Exhibition, Jan 19-21

    Dear customer,
    EASTIMAGE Kindly invite you to visit our booth in Dubai Intersec 2020 Security Exhibition in UAE, from Jan 19th -21st, 2020.
    Booth: S2-A42.
    World Trade Center.
    Latest security inspection solution including X-Ray Baggage Scanners (Both commercial model EI-5030C & Aviation level model EX-6550) will be shown there together with other security inspection products.
    Welcome to join us wish to meet you in Dubai in 2020 soon !
    Yours Sincere,

  • EASTIMAGE X-Ray Baggage Scanner installed in China Airport Custom

    Ganzhou airport custom choose EASTIMAGE X-ray baggage scanner EI-10080 machine to have passengers luggage security checking. EI-10080 X-ray baggage scanner machine is a common baggage scanning machine in China for airports, railways, metro, hotels, world events, summits etc. For more information of this X-ray machine please click here to check the specifications.
    x-ray baggage scanners, baggage scanners, x-ray machines in China, luggage scanners

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