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  • What is X-ray baggage scanner?

    What is X-ray baggage scanner?The common security inspection, such as X-ray baggage scanner, is commonly used in everyday life, which is mainly used for security inspection of luggage and packages. The core of X-ray baggage scanner is X ray. X-ray baggage scanner is a kind of electronic equipment th

  • We can protect the hospital

    Recently, Shanghai Eastimage X ray baggage scanner and temperature metal detection door series set in a well-known domestic hospital into use, the scheme using x ray baggage scanner and temperature measurement module in front, temperature detection will be conducted simultaneously with the packa

  • Shanghai Eastimage helpd cross-border e-commerce with professional technology

    Network is a media without boundary, which has the characteristics of globalization and decentralization. Compared with the traditional trading mode, cross-border e-commerce has an important feature that e-commerce is a kind of borderless trading, which has lost the geographical factors of t

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