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X Ray Scanner is the catagory of all our x-ray scanners designed for mail & parcel x-ray inspection in a mailroom or in special building where needs to check hand held parcels.


Second kinds of x-ray screening systems designed for baggage & freight inspection.These kinds of x-ray baggage scanners are widely used in checkpoints to screen baggages of the visitors in front of airport checking in area, hotel loby, shopping mall, government organizations for security checking.


This kinds of X-ray security inspection systems also including large x-ray baggage scanners (also named luggage scanners) with the tunnel size from 80cm W x65cm H to 100cm W x 120 cm H. These kinds of X-ray baggage screening systems are widely used in airports, sea ports, railways, prisons, hotels or warehouses for oversized luggage checking. This type of x-ray scanners including single view x-ray baggage scanners and dual view x-ray inspection systems. The differences are the numbers of the x-ray scanners generators, the heart of x-ray machines.


Third kinds of X-ray machines are pallet & cargo inspection systems which are designed for big size cargo and pallet security check with x-ray technology. They are security solution for boxes, air flight cargos and pallets screening in the screening area of airports, seaports, boards, railways etc. Specially designed for very big sized objects from 1.5mx1.5m to 1.8m x1.8m. This type of x-ray cargo inspection systems inclduing single view and dual view technolgogies also. Generator power from 200KV to 320KV.


The fourth kinds of x-ray security detection system is the mobile x-ray scanner van. This type of x-ray scanners are designed for the users to have a flexiable x-ray inspection checkpoints. Our X-ray baggage scanners is installed in a Iveco van which can drive to different places as a mobile x-ray security checkpoint.


The Fifth types of X-ray sreening systems are industry x-ray scanners which are designed for leather production inspection like a shoes manuacturer to have metal detection for the shoes to find needles leaft in the products.


The last X-ray baggage scanner system is small size vehicle x-ray scanners. This x-ray machine is designed for screening the vehicles like small cars or business cars to find threats, contraband, explosives and narcotics etc in the vehicles.

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