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With the development of social economy, more and more high-tech has been invented and widely used in life and work. X-ray screening technology is one of them. After so many years, we can see that the emergence of X-rays has brought many differences to our lives. Because of the wide application of this technology, the world is becoming more and more peaceful. So, what kind of technology do you know about X-ray screening? Does this technology have any side effects? The following article briefly introduces this technology, hoping to help you better understand the X-ray screening technology.



What are the methods of liquid inspection?

With the development of social economy, there are more and more methods and equipment for safety inspection, and liquid inspection is one of them. I'm sure you're not familiar with liquid testing. If you take some liquids with you when you take a bus or take part in any activity, the security guard will check before you enter. This is a safety check. So, do you know the specific method of safety inspection? Is liquid inspection really necessary at present? The following article briefly introduces liquid inspection and other related common sense, hoping to help you better understand.



What are the current security inspection devices?

Despite the rapid socio-economic development today, in a peaceful environment, the internal security environment is often affected by terrorists and other insecurity factors, putting us in a dangerous environment. Therefore, in this case, a large investment in security inspection device is very important. Through the use of security inspection device, security can be better carried out, and the safety of public places can also be improved. So, what are the existing security inspection device? Can security inspection device develop better at present? Let's give you a brief introduction.



Is the screening of people suitable for everyone?

In recent years, due to the frequent occurrence of terrorist attacks, the relevant departments have strengthened the importance of personality inspection. The government and the state have taken more and more relevant measures, followed by the use of various security guarantees. Equipment. Although people screening is very important, there may be potential security problems associated with it. At this time, have you ever wondered whether it really suits everyone to do people screening? Is this work harmless to everyone? Or who would be hurt by the job? Here's a brief introduction. Hope to help you better understand the people screening work.



Walk-through VS Handheld Metal Detector

I believe that now when you go out to play on the subway or take a bus to other places, before we enter the station, there will be staff members to carry out security checks on us and our belongings. This is actually a people screening method. So, do you know the equipment these employees use to conduct security checks on us? This is actually a metal detector. Metal detector is a metal detection device. The system can use alarm signal to drive automatic cleaning device to remove metal impurities in the production line. Therefore, through these devices, employees can do people screening for us. The following article briefly introduces and compares the stepping metal detector and the hand-held metal detector, hoping to let you know more about the metal detector, which is one of the equipment used for people screening .

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