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Is the screening of people suitable for everyone?

In recent years, due to the frequent occurrence of terrorist attacks, the relevant departments have strengthened the importance of personality inspection. The government and the state have taken more and more relevant measures, followed by the use of various security guarantees. Equipment. Although people screening is very important, there may be potential security problems associated with it. At this time, have you ever wondered whether it really suits everyone to do people screening? Is this work harmless to everyone? Or who would be hurt by the job? Here's a brief introduction. Hope to help you better understand the people screening work.


The main points are as follows:

♦ What is people screening

♦ How to conduct character screening

♦ Is personality screening suitable for everyone?

♦ Conclusion


What is people screening

As the name implies, people screening is the process of screening people. Because there are some potential dangers in society, it is very important to carry out safety inspection. In today's society, safety inspection is one of the contents of safety inspection in public places. Before entering the corresponding public places, all personnel and articles must be checked for safety, which is also one of the important precautions to ensure passengers' personal safety. So it can be said that the process of security inspection is the process of people screening. The existing security inspection equipment mainly includes safety door, security inspection machine based on X-ray shielding technology, and other equipment such as metal detector.


How to conduct character screening

So, in our daily life, how do we usually screen roles?

(1) The security personnel directly screen the relevant personnel without resorting to any external objects. Although this method is very convenient, it is not perfect because many potential dangerous goods can not be found by security personnel. For example, some illegal elements will change the shape, color, smell of some items to make them "safe" in people's eyes, thus avoiding safety. Inspection by inspectors.


(2) Another method is to use some devices to screen related characters. With the development of social economy, more and more security inspection equipment has been invented and put into use. These equipments can help the security inspectors to carry out the security inspection better and make the security inspection work more accurate. In many public places, we will find that there will be a lot of security doors, security machines and other equipment, at this time, in addition to their own security checks, we must also carry items into the equipment for security checks. This double-combination method can greatly reduce the occurrence of dangerous things.


baggage scanner

To do people screening is important, but is it for everyone?


Because most screening is done through equipment that may have some radiation, pregnant women or people with certain diseases may not be suitable for screening. Because pregnant women need the main radiation during pregnancy, and these devices often contain certain radiation, so it is not suitable for pregnant women. People with certain diseases may have just experienced some illumination in hospitals, their bodies are weak and many cells in their bodies are killed, so it may not be suitable for screening at this time, which may lead to worse physical condition.



So although some things can bring many benefits, these things are not necessarily suitable for everyone, and people screening is no exception. Therefore, when we do something, we should not only consider the benefits it brings us, but also consider whether it brings us some potential threats. If you want to know more about people screening, please consult us in time.

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