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If you are looking for security products that are economical, durable, and easy to use, Eastimage is the ideal choice. 
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  • 2018-2020
      Shanghai Eastimage Saudi Arabia and Europe exhibition achieved great success
      Shanghai Eastimage Jordan defense and police exhibition 2018 achieved great success
      Won the bid of Zhengzhou metro Line 5 Security Procurement Project
      Hefei metro Line 3 System Security Procurement Project
      Won the bid of Chengdu Metro Line 9 Security Inspection Equipment  Project
      Assist in anti epidemic activities and invest in R&D of infrared thermal imaging
      Won the bid of Taiyuan Metro Line 2 Security Inspection Equipment  Project
      Won the bid of Hefei Metro (South part) Security Inspection Equipment  Project
      Won the bid of Maintenance of Wuhan Railway Bureau Security Inspection Equipment  Project
      Won the bid of Ganshen Metro (Guangdong part) Security Inspection Equipment  Project
      Won the bid of Hangzhou Metro Line 8 Security Inspection Equipment  Project

  • 2015-2018
      Undertake security inspection project of Sudan international airport 
      launched dual view x-ray baggage inspection system
      New products EI-V100100 and EI-100120S entered Russia airport
      2018 China International Import Expo security equipment supplier
      Supplier of Sokcho Port South Korea and Supreme Procuratorate South Korean
      Won the bid of Chengdu Metro,Guiyang Metro security equipment procurement Project
      Won the bid of China General Administration of Customs Security Procurement Project
      Fujian Highway System Security Procurement Project
      Supplier of the Ministry of Interior from Tunisia
      Won the bid of Shijiazhuang Metro, Hefei Metro and Wuhan Metro security equipment procurement Project
      Established Eastimage Kunshan Factory and subsidiary Shanghai Imaging Security Technologies Co., Ltd

  • 2012-2015
      Obtained FCC certification for all Eastimage products
      Eastimage’s Vehicle inspection system was chosen for “World Horticultural Exposition”
      Supplier of the Hangzhou G20 Summit 2016
      Won the bid of Zhengzhou Metro, Guiyang Metro and Tianjin Metro security equipment procurement
      Security inspection equipment supplier of SF Express Company
      Two invention patents are obtained: "a plug-in mobile inspection system based on backscattering imaging" and "an image display method for security inspection equipment"
      Obtained six utility model patents and three design patents
      Supplier of the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games 2014
      Supplier of the 4th CICA Summit
      Supplier of Sudan Airport

  • 2009-2012
      Supplier of Shanghai World Expo 2010
      Supplier of Guangzhou Asian Games 2010
      Registered “E-sight:, “E-view”, and “E-goon” trademarks
      Obtained FDA certificate for radiation-emitting electronic device
      R&D and Production Center relocated to new address on Nov. 25, 2010
      Supplier of Sri Lanka Airport
      Security supplier to Beijing Tian An Men Square 
      Supplier of the 12th Chinese National Games  
      Supplier of Beijing Metro line 6 
      Supplier of 14th International Swimming Federation (FINA) World Championship
      Supplier of the 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minority
      Awarded “Shanghai Star Software Enterprise”
      Awarded “Shanghai Outstanding Software Products”
      Awarded “2011 Technology Innovation Prize” by China Association for Quality

  • 2006-2009
      Supplier of Beijing Olympics 2008
      Supplier of Chinese Football Association Super League
      Passed “ISO 14001”
      Passed “GB/T 28001”
      Supplier of Guizhou Libo Airport
      Supplier of Fuyang Airport
      Supplier of Nanyang Airport

  • 2003-2006
      Eastimage was founded
      “Eastimage” trademark was registered
      Passed “ISO 9001:2008”
      Obtained “AAA credit rating”
      Obtained patent for X-ray inspection equipment
      Awarded “Shanghai Key New Product Title” for X-ray Inspection system
      Supplier of Anhui Anqin Airport
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