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  • Fights against new coronavirus, infrared thermal imaging temperature and security gates perform well

    The comparison between ordinary infrared temperature measurement and infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement clearly shows that the infrared thermal imaging thermometer is superior to the ordinary infrared thermometer in terms of measurement accuracy, safety, troubleshooting speed and alarm

  • Is X-ray screening better than other screening methods?

    Safety checks involve the personal safety of passengers, so passengers must be checked before they are allowed to enter the appropriate places. In addition, regardless of occupation, gender and nationality, the goal of security inspection is personnel. Everyone is equal before the security check. The main content of safety inspection is to check whether passengers and their luggage carry guns, ammunition, inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, radioactive substances and other dangerous goods to ensure the safety of passengers' personal and property. Existing safety inspection methods mainly include X-ray inspection technology, manual inspection and related equipment inspection. Among them, X-ray screening technology is the most widely used. So, is X-ray screening better than other screening methods? Here, we make a simple comparative analysis, hoping to help you better understand X-ray screening and other screening methods.

  • How should X-ray work be done correctly?

    With the development of social economy and science and technology, X-rays have been slowly accepted by everyone since the beginning, and finally they have been widely used up to now. This change has brought great convenience to our life and work. X-ray screening has also become a hot job at present,

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