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  • Better understanding of X-ray security inspection equipment

    With the development of science and technology, the x-ray function has also been recognized by the public. The most common is the X-ray film used by the hospital to illuminate the human body, and the x-ray security instrument that is now more and more widely used, but it always says that taking as f

  • Intuitive solutions of infrared thermal image

    When the anti-epidemic continues, for some customers who do not understand the use of our products and other aspects, Shanghai Eastimage will do its best to meet the needs of customers and provide customers with the most intuitive solutions, whether the usage, the interface display, or the display o

  • Better understanding of infrared temperature measurement products

    During the epidemic, Shanghai Eastimage began the development and production of infrared thermography temperature measurement products. We hope that we can use our own strength to meet the needs of society. We also don't want customers to use our products alone. We hope that customers can understand

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