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  • Application of X-ray in industrial inspection

    X-ray has been widely used since its discovery. It has gone through many processes. So, do you know X-ray? Do you know the application of X-ray detection technology in various fields? Here we briefly introduce some applications of X-ray screening technology in industrial testing and related research, hoping to help you better understand X-ray and X-ray screening technology and application in Industrial Detection.

  • Do you know the steps of X-ray screening?

    As there are many complex people in public places, and illegal elements often carry knives, guns, bombs and other dangerous contraband to commit crimes, which eventually cause serious casualties and property losses, but also cause extremely negative impact on society, so security inspection is very important. For illegal elements, security checks have powerful iron gates that make them porous. At present, X-ray screening and related equipment are more popular. So, do you know about X-ray? Do you know the procedure of X-ray examination? In the following article, we briefly introduce the steps of X-ray screening , hoping to help you better understand.

  • Do you know about metal detectors?

    With the rapid development of social economy and science and technology, the metal detector, a device that can perform people screening, has undergone several generations of detection technology changes, from the initial signal simulation technology to continuous wave technology, to the digital pulse technology used today, metal. The detector introduces a variety of scientific and technological achievements based on the principle of simple magnetic field cutting. The application field has also been extended to multiple industries with the improvement of product quality. So, do you really understand the metal detectors that can be used for people screening? Can it only be used for people screening? The following article gives a brief introduction to the metal detectors that can be used for people screening.

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