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  • X-ray vs other rays

    With the development of society and science and technology, people have found one after another light, which has been applied in daily life and work. For example, X-ray screening can be used to detect some harmful substances. So, do you know anything about existing radiation, such as X-rays, alpha-rays, beta-rays, etc? Do you know the difference between them? Here we give a brief introduction, hoping to help you better understand radiation and its applications, such as X-ray screening.

  • Why is vehicle security inspection important?

    Why is vehicle inspection very important? At this stage, because it is hidden under the vehicle, it is difficult to check, and there are many missing checks, so the underneath of the vehicle can easily become a neglected place for security checks, thus becoming a hotbed for criminals. Therefore, vehicle inspection is now included in the routine inspection items in most inspection occasions. Our company's vehicle inspection machine has a very large vision, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of the test results. In addition, the speed matching of the machine is very fast, which greatly improves the efficiency and makes the safety inspection work faster. Here we briefly introduce the vehicle inspection and its importance, hoping to help you better understand the relevant content of vehicle inspection.

  • Which liquids must be checked?

    With the development of social economy, there are more and more methods and equipment for safety inspection, and liquid inspection is one of them. I believe most people should have undergone liquid inspection. When you take some liquid into the car or participate in activities, the corresponding security personnel will check before entering the appropriate place. This is the liquid safety check. So, do you know which liquids have to be checked? Under the existing technology, how to check the liquid? Now we briefly introduce the knowledge of liquid inspection, hoping to help you better understand.

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