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  • What do know about Walk through metal detector?

    The security gate is a detection device that detects whether personnel carries metal objects, also known as metal detection gate. Why do we need Walk through metal detector?What are the precautions for using Walk through metal detector?What is the function of the stability detection of the Walk thro

  • Improve the performance of X-ray baggage scanner?

    How to improve the performance of X-ray baggage scanner?The X-ray baggage scanner is called the dangerous inspection instrument. The working principle of X-ray baggage scanner is to use X-rays to illuminate the inspected object, use a computer to analyze the transmitted light, and analyze the charac

  • Vehicle security inspection important?

    Why is vehicle security inspection important?Why is vehicle inspection very important? At this stage, kinds of danger are always hidden under the vehicle, they are difficult to check, and there are many missing checks, so the underneath of the vehicle can easily become a neglected place for security

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