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  • How to balance safety and efficiency in subway security inspection?

    As the first pass to ensure the safety of the subway, the security check aims to check whether the luggage and items carried by passengers are safe, and to carry out targeted detection of suspicious items. But as a public travel mode, the subway has two biggest features: l relatively closed environ

  • Is the metal detector really convenient

    Metal detectors are real in our daily life. They are usually used for people screening, from leisure and entertainment to work to safety, and they are widely used. Now it is widely used in airports, office buildings, schools, government agencies, prisons and other places. Metal detectors can help im

  • How should X-ray work be done correctly

    With the development of social economy and science and technology, X-rays have been slowly accepted by everyone since the beginning, and finally they have been widely used up to now. This change has brought great convenience to our life and work. X-ray screening has also become a hot job at present,

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