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  • Eastimage successfully won the bid for the procurement and installation of security inspection equipment for Hefei Rail Transit Line 5 (South Section)

    In August 2017, Shanghai Eastimage successfully won the bid for the security inspection project of Hefei Rail Transit Line 2. In the process of project implementation and service, it won the recognition of Hefei Rail Transit related departments with high-quality equipment and services, which

  • Eastimage won the bid for the maintenance project of the security inspection system of Tianjin Metro Line 5 and Tianjin Dongzhan Hub

    After Shanghai Eastimage's successful bid for the procurement and service project of security inspection equipment for Tianjin Metro Line 5 in 2016, our company has ensured the safety of Tianjin subway operation with a comprehensive subway security inspection solution. This year, Shanghai Ea

  • X-ray vs other rays

    With the development of society and science and technology, people have found one after another light, which has been applied in daily life and work. For example, X-ray screening can be used to detect some harmful substances. So, do you know anything about existing radiation, such as X-rays, alpha-rays, beta-rays, etc? Do you know the difference between them? Here we give a brief introduction, hoping to help you better understand radiation and its applications, such as X-ray screening.

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