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  • The Labour Day is coming

    The annual May Day is coming again. Thank you for the hard work of the employees and the active cooperation of the customers. I hope you can have a good rest this holiday. And during the epidemic period, we still need to pay attention to epidemic prevention

  • The future of public health--ultraviolet disinfection

    2020 is a very extraordinary year for everyone, especially for public transport, such as rail transit, passenger and cargo transport or civil aviation, in the face of this sudden epidemic, not only to ensure the safety of passengers, but also to prevent external input, internal anti-rebound

  • Vehicle Portal Radiation Monitoring System Project--News issue 4

    The successful completion of the vehicle radiation detection project of Shanghai Eastimage depends not only on the quality of products that can attract customers, but also on customers' trust in our brand. We promise: To improve the ability of common growth, to achieve the goal of mutual benefit and

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