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  • What is a hand-held metal detector?

    Hand-held metal detector is a kind of metal detector. It is named after the handheld method of use. It is mainly used for anti-theft in factories, on-site security inspection and fraud protection in the examination room. Compared to security doors, hand-held metal detectors are more accurate. Due to

  • What information do you know about the security inspection machine?

    The security inspection machine uses the latest technology with computer control and image processing as the core, which makes the resolution higher, the image clearer and brighter, and the detected objects can be identified more easily. The aisle size of the device is moderate and the floor area is

  • What do you know about security inspection machine?

    The security inspection machine has X-ray and metal detection, these two are the most commonly used. Especially now with the help of computer processing, after the X-ray penetrates through the luggage, the computer will automatically render the image according to the returned X-ray intensity, so tha

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