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  • Where can Eastimage X-ray baggage scanner be used?

    Where can X-ray baggage scanner be used?X-ray baggage scanner is used to check luggage or items, adopting self-developed x-ray imaging technology. X-rays penetrate the luggage items on the conveyor belt and fall on the detector which converts the received X-rays into electrical signals and the amoun

  • What are the types of X-ray baggage scanner?

    What are the types of X-ray baggage scanner?Nowadays, whether we take the train or the plane, all kinds of package we carry with must pass the X-ray baggage scanner. People screening and X-ray baggage scanners ensure the safety of passengers, assets, and facilities. An X-ray baggage scanner identifi

  • How does X-ray baggage scanner work

    How does X-ray baggage scanner work?The X-ray baggage scanner is an electronic device that inspects every baggage in a conveyor belt when it enters into the X-ray inspection channel. Have you ever wondered how X-ray baggage scanner at security screening sees through your bag? The purpose of X-ray ba

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