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Shanghai Eastimage Equipment Co., Ltd, Located in Shanghai Pudong New District is a leading security screening manufacturer that provides superior security products, multiple solutions and great service that meets our customers' most demanding threat detection needs.

With its advanced technology, reliable products and services, remarkable results have been achieved in the areas of civil aviation, public transportation, important facilities, large-scale international events, big sporting events and other industry applications. It is a prominent luggage detector factory and X Ray baggage scanner company among the leading x ray baggage scanner manufacturers.
Our Technology 
Shanghai Eastimage is the first private company in China to have the research & design team for X-ray image technology. With more than 16 years experiences in x-ray security inspection products, EASTIMAGE now is the top leading manufacturer of x-ray scanners in China.
   The Eastimage Brand 
EASTIMAGE is the well know brand in the world for high cost-effective products and excellent services. With more distibutors more than 50+countries, EASTIMAGE brand keep on extending business in the world and bring technology to close to your life.
   Our Service
EASTIMAGE has service team with more than 40+ professional service engineers who have excellent skills for x-ray scanners and related security products. Project support,installations,
maintenance,factory / site training are always  available. 
   Good Team 
Good teamwork is the guarantee of customers satisfaction for fluent commercial communication , shortest delivery time, best products quality, and close & high level services from EASTIMAGE. Treat us as your most reliable partner here.

Enterprise History

2018 Customer Case
Customer Case in Taiyuan
Customer Case in Zhanjiang
Customer Case
Customer Case in Shanghai
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2014 Customer Case
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Customer Case 5




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  • EASTIMAGE X-Ray Baggage Scanner installed in China Airport Custom


    Ganzhou airport custom choose EASTIMAGE X-ray baggage scanner EI-10080 machine to have passengers luggage security checking. EI-10080 X-ray baggage scanner machine is a common baggage scanning machine in China for airports, railways, metro, hotels, world events, summits etc. For more information of this X-ray machine please click here to check the specifications.
    x-ray baggage scanners, baggage scanners, x-ray machines in China, luggage scanners
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  • CT X-Ray Machine Well Installed in African Airport for Liquid Security Inspection


    CT X-Ray Machine Well Installed in African Airport for Liquid Security Inspection:4 units EASTIMAGE self designed and produced advanced CT x-ray machines for liquid inspection installed well in airport located in west Africa. The product model EI-LS1525 X-ray machine is a new x-ray machine with the technology of computer tomography. The operator put a bottle of the unknown liquid in the machine container and touch the screen to start checking, 3 seconds later the machine finished inspection of this bottle and give report to say if it is dangerous or safe. EASTIMAGE is the x-ray machines manufacturer in China since 2003. The main products are security inspection equipment and tools including x-ray baggage scanners, walk-through metal detectors, kinds of explosive detectors and liquid security detection instrument etc. EASTIMAGE is well known China x-ray machines manufacturer who supply x-ray machines to transportations systems to users all over the world, has distributors and local serv Read More

  • EASTIMAGE in 2020 Dubai Intersec Security Expo


    EASTIMAGE suncessfully attended 2020 Intersec Dubai Security Expo- one of the top leading international and professional security exhibition in Jan 19th -21st, 2020.
    More than 320 companies and end users visited EASTIMAGE booth, including more than 290 new potential partners and more than 20 old business friends with EASTIAGE in this Expo. Visitors are mainly from Africa, middle east area and India, also including some important willing partners from Europe, Russia, and other asia countries. EASTIMAGE international marketing and sales team shown the demo products, talked about business cooperations, industry technology with all visitors, including some of our old partners in many projects and respected competitors. Read More

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