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What is X-Ray Baggage Scanner

It is used to check luggage or items. It adopts self-developed x-ray imaging technology. X-rays penetrate the luggage items on the conveyor belt and fall on the detector which converts the received X-rays into electrical signals and the amount is increased. It is transmitted to the industrial control computer for further processing, and high-quality images are obtained after complex calculation and imaging processing. All items are presented by X-ray machine with images, which can display different colors according to the degree of X-ray absorption of objects. At this time, the security inspector can quickly check the X-ray scanning perspective images, and can judge whether there are contrabands.

x ray baggage scanner instruction

Eastimage X-Ray Baggage Scanner Types

X-ray baggage scanner

X-ray baggage scanner has the functions of equipment networking, image storage, output and printing. After the item enters the channel, Whether it is the large X-ray baggage scanner or industrial X-ray scanner,it will emit sound and warning light signals when the conditions are met. At the same time, the conveyor belt has energy-saving function, start when the items are on and stand still when there is nothing. One-key shutdown control after detection, reduce equipment failures, more protective film outside the lead curtain to avoid lead infection.

Eastimage X-Ray Baggage Scanner Types

Metal detection

The detection area is large, the scanning speed is fast, and the sensitivity is extremely high. Metal detection has the characteristics of strong resistance, fine craftsmanship and easy portability.It can detect all kinds of metal objects hidden in the human body, including jewelry, electrical components, etc. Suitable for use in airports, customs, terminals, banks, buildings, prisons, stadiums, hospitals, schools and other places. This product uses a large-scale integrated circuit, which can be fully equipped with a 9V rechargeable battery, low voltage indication, LED light sound alarm and vibration alarm.Metal detection is an ideal product for checking illegal items.

Eastimage X-Ray Baggage Scanner Types

Explosive detection

No radiation hazard to human body, and has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high detection sensitivity, low power consumption, small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy maintenance, etc.Explosive detection can detect black gunpowder and all explosives and drugs specified by ICAO. It can be widely used in security inspection, national defense security, public safety and other fields in important places such as airports and stations.

X-Ray Machine Baggage Scanner Specification

IPC Configuration

Standard Function………………Win7,RAM:2GB,Hard Disk:500G,Video card:2G 
Optional Function………………RAM:4G,8G,16G;Hard Disk:1T,2T;Video Card:4G,8G

System Function

Alarm Function
Fault Self-diagnosis and Maintenance Functions
Image Navigation
Limits of Authority Management for Operator
System Working Timing

User Management
Urgent Stop
Working Status Display
Bi-directional Scanning
Date&Time Display
High Density Alarm
Image Magnification Display
Luggage counting
Network Interface
One-key Shutdown
Self-check Power-on
Save and Retrieval

Save As
Ultra-thin scanning
X-Ray Emission Timing
Image Split Joint

Image Processing System

Processing function……F1/F2/F3 self-definition combination,edge enhancement,negative,partial enhancement,gray scale scan
Saves Capacity & Pull back…………100.000 images/infinite review (the previous pictures)
Resolution………………………1920X 1080
Processing & Gray Scale…………24 Bit real-time processing/65536
Enlargement………………………Up to 64X dynamic continuous zoom & panning

Optional Function

Double Display

Black box
Energy saving
OTP The Operator Training Program
Voltage Stabilizer
LED Screen Display
Voice Announcement Function
Extend Protective Cover and Double-layer Curtain In Entry And Exit
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
Voice Recording Function

Health And Safety

According to the national standard of the People’s Republic of China GB15208.1-2005 and the international standard for radiation safety.

Characteristics for X ray baggage scanner

Features: For detection, dual-view design, vertical and horizontal images are displayed at the same time, equipped with dual monitors and multi-function image processing platform, easy for security personnel to read pictures. For usage, the X-ray baggage scanner has one-key processing function and custom function keys , standard operator authority management, one-key shutdown, dangerous goods insertion system, contraband prohibited auxiliary identification system can ease the usage. In addition, the automatic cleaning function of the X-ray baggage scanner can not only automatically clean the belt, but also effectively solve the problem of "stuck bag and hand caught". The LED strip display and voice broadcast function are optional to remind personnel to cooperate with the security check.
People screening has the state-leading detection sensitivity which can detect up to one paper clip, which is suitable for high-level security inspection, and the multi-region detection can realize the sensitivity setting separately. Secondly, LED lights and other alarm indicators accurately display the location of the alarm, and automatically record the number of alarms and the number of people in and out in real time, and support remote query. The people screening is made of high-strength materials and has the ability to adapt to the environment. It will not cause harm to wearers such as pacemakers or pregnant women. In addition, the people screening has a password protection function to avoid unauthorized changes.
Non-intrusive searches can be performed on luggage, clothes, cars, and any objects touched by people carrying explosives or narcotics. The Explosive detection uses IMS (Ion Mobility Spectroscopy) technology to provide chemical name reports for explosives or anesthetics after analysis. While maintaining high sensitivity, the Explosive detection's self-cleaning time and warm-up time are fast, speeding up the detection speed, and the battery life guarantees long-term detection.


Eastimage X-Ray baggage scanner Applications

Proper Care of X Ray Baggage Scanner

The x-ray baggage scanner comes with a self-cleaning function and a one-key shutdown function to extend the lifetime of the scanner. In addition, customers are advised not to place disturbing objects such as water glasses and walkie-talkies on the x-ray baggage scanner to avoid damage to keyboard and other instrument accessories. For customers who buy products, our company will have product maintenance tours twice a year or around major festivals to ensure the use of products.

Guide to X-Ray Baggage Scanner Purchase

  • Q What is the differences between single view and dual view machines , for example EI-6550 and EI-6550DV?

    They have the same tunnel size but dual view machine is better machine because it can show bags images from vertical view and horizonal view. 
    Single view machine has 1 generator and dual view machine has 2 generators.
    Single view machines now is enough for common inspection, but some high security level places like international airports they use Dual view machines for better inspection, and also it is easy to know that dual view machines are much more higher cost products. 
    Single view : Government buildings, mall, hotel, factories,land transportation etc. 
    Dual view: airport, custom, seaport etc .
  • Q How to choose the machine with the correct Voltage of generator KV?

    Usually the machine with 160 KV(or 155KV)is normal for most of the customers. 
    Big machine like the machines bigger size than 1.5m x 1.5m should use 200KV generator. 
    100KV, 90KV and 80KV are mainly used in the small size machine and for the customers who needs just a standard x-ray machine. Or some customers who are short in budgets.
  • Q Why your machine has so heavy curtains on both side of the tunnels?

    The curtains are lead curtains, it is used to proventing the x-ray beam from leak out of the tunnel, this is protection for the opertors and passengers. 
    EI products has 2 layers of curtains, other suppliers make 1 layer curtains. So EI products have a very good performance on x-ray leakage control.

Why Choose Eastimage X-Ray Baggage Scanner Manufacturer

The company was established in 2003, after more than ten years of development, the company's product line has covered x-ray baggage inspection, human body inspection, explosives and drug inspection other fields, has won design patent authorization, corporate honorary title and so on. The company always adheres to the "customer-centric" concept to develop new products, improve services, and "building a safer world" as its corporate mission. It adheres to brand strategy and innovative management. With advanced technology, excellent products, and excellent services, great achievements have been made on important occasions.

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