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In recent years, due to the frequent occurrence of terrorist attacks, the relevant departments have strengthened the importance of personality inspection. The government and the state have taken more and more relevant measures, followed by the use of various security guarantees. Equipment. Although people screening is very important, there may be potential security problems associated with it. At this time, have you ever wondered whether it really suits everyone to do people screening? Is this work harmless to everyone? Or who would be hurt by the job? Here's a brief introduction. Hope to help you better understand the people screening work.



Walk-through VS Handheld Metal Detector

I believe that now when you go out to play on the subway or take a bus to other places, before we enter the station, there will be staff members to carry out security checks on us and our belongings. This is actually a people screening method. So, do you know the equipment these employees use to conduct security checks on us? This is actually a metal detector. Metal detector is a metal detection device. The system can use alarm signal to drive automatic cleaning device to remove metal impurities in the production line. Therefore, through these devices, employees can do people screening for us. The following article briefly introduces and compares the stepping metal detector and the hand-held metal detector, hoping to let you know more about the metal detector, which is one of the equipment used for people screening .



Is the metal detector really convenient?

Metal detectors are real in our daily life. They are usually used for people screening, from leisure and entertainment to work to safety, and they are widely used. Now it is widely used in airports, office buildings, schools, government agencies, prisons and other places. Metal detectors can help improve the safety of these places by people screening and other related work. There are many kinds of metal detectors, such as microwave human body scanner, hand-held metal detectors, safety doors and so on. These devices can be used for people screening in public places. At this time, there must be a question: is the metal detector really convenient? Next, we will make a brief analysis of this question. I hope it will help you better understand the devices that can be used for people screening.



How much radiation is there in X-rays?

With the development of social economy, X-ray screening technology has been more and more widely used, but also brought us a lot of convenience. But everything has two sides. X-ray screening is good, but not visible. X-ray also brings us large or small radiation. So, how much X-ray radiation is there? What harm does this radiation do to our human body? Here we briefly introduce it, hoping to help you better understand the X-ray screening technology.



How to choose the correct X-Ray Baggage Scanners Supplier in China?

To find out the suitable and correct X-ray baggage scanners supplier, we advise you to consider the following facts before you make the decision. First is that you have to find out a reliable X-ray machines manufacturer in China.

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