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What are the current security inspection devices?

Despite the rapid socio-economic development today, in a peaceful environment, the internal security environment is often affected by terrorists and other insecurity factors, putting us in a dangerous environment. Therefore, in this case, a large investment in security inspection device is very important. Through the use of security inspection device, security can be better carried out, and the safety of public places can also be improved. So, what are the existing security inspection device? Can security inspection device develop better at present? Let's give you a brief introduction.


The main points are as follows:

♦ What is security equipment?

♦ Existing security equipment

♦ Development prospects of security equipment

♦ Conclusion


What is security equipment?

Security inspection device is to check the safety of related articles in certain specific places. The equipment can help security personnel to do some safety hazard investigation and related management work. With the social and economic development, more and more security inspection devices. They can be divided into large, medium and small equipment according to its size and application area. Among them, large-scale security inspection device is mainly used for goods inspection, such as customs, airports, railway containers, vehicle inspection and so on. At present, medium-sized equipment is mainly used for large-scale activities, and the important safety objectives are the inspection of entrances and exits, personnel and personal belongings; small equipment is mainly used for temporary security inspection. Tao features handheld devices that are easy to move and carry. From the category of detectable items, the commonly used equipment includes X-ray security inspection machine, metal detection door, hand-held metal detector, liquid detector, automobile chassis video detection system, etc.

x ray baggage scanner


Existing security equipment

Due to the frequent occurrence of terrorist incidents, more and more security devices have been invented and put into use. Existing security inspection device includes: mail and parcel inspection based on X-ray screening technology, pallet and cargo inspection, vehicle scanners, etc.; metal detectors for character screening and microwave body scanners; Equipment for drug testing;  ENT for vehicle inspection; Equipment for liquid inspection. Below we have made some short answers.


(1)  Equipment based on X-ray screening technology

The ray machine is usually composed of an X-ray tube, a high voltage generator, a control device, a cooler, a mechanical device, and a high voltage cable. The portable X-ray machine directly connects the X-ray tube to the high-voltage generator to form a combined X-ray generator, removes the high-voltage cable, and assembles it into a beam cabinet together with the cooler, and is generally not designed to support the machine for transportation. Convenience. Machinery.


(2)  Narcotic drug testing equipment

The anesthetic detector is based on advanced fluorescence technology, and the worker can quickly and accurately detect the drug by wiping the surface of the substance to be tested. It can detect more than 10 kinds of drugs such as caffeine, ephedrine and barbital. If toxic substances are detected, the alarm methods include wireless alarm, light alarm and audible alarm. The false positive rate of drugs detected by this instrument is extremely low, generally less than 1%, and a series of cleaning work is completed in less than 10 seconds after use. The instrument is easy to operate and requires no professional training.


(3) Liquid inspection equipment

The liquid safety detector automatically detects flammable, explosive, and corrosive hazardous liquids without opening the liquid package, effectively preventing items containing hazardous liquids from entering the safe area from the source. It adopts a green design and the detection method is environmentally safe and harmless to the human body and the detected object. The liquid detection device can detect more than 30 different types of dangerous liquids, such as flammable and corrosive liquids such as gasoline, hydrochloric acid and ether. Even liquids with very low concentrations can be found. It is currently widely used for security inspections in important places such as political parties and airport subways.


Development prospects of security equipment

With the gradual deepening and comprehensive development of safe city construction, the application of safety detection technology and equipment has received more and more attention. Especially in recent years, more and more terrorist incidents have occurred, and the development prospects of safety testing equipment are very good.


1. The securities regulatory system is gradually entering the banking securities market.


2. The second step. Due to frequent hospital injuries, hospital safety is of paramount importance.


3. Security equipment in the express delivery industry is also increasing.



In this intangible social environment, the use of safety testing equipment is undoubtedly a guarantee for us. Do you also think that security inspection device is very important? If you want to know more about security inspection devices, please ask us.

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