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Walk-through VS Handheld Metal Detector

I believe that now when you go out to play on the subway or take a bus to other places, before we enter the station, there will be staff members to carry out security checks on us and our belongings. This is actually a people screening method. So, do you know the equipment these employees use to conduct security checks on us? This is actually a metal detector. Metal detector is a metal detection device. The system can use alarm signal to drive automatic cleaning device to remove metal impurities in the production line. Therefore, through these devices, employees can do people screening for us. The following article briefly introduces and compares the stepping metal detector and the hand-held metal detector, hoping to let you know more about the metal detector, which is one of the equipment used for people screening .


The main points are as follows:

♦ What is a Walk-through metal detector

♦ What is a hand-held metal detector

♦ Walk-through VS Handheld Metal Detector

♦ Conclusion


What is a Walk-through metal detector

Step-by-step metal detector, by this name, you can guess that the detector should be vertical. Like a door, we just need to stand below to do people screening . It uses excellent electromagnetic testing and digital processing technology, has high detection sensitivity for magnetic and non-magnetic metals, and has good recognition ability for coins, keys, belt buckles and other personal items. Multi-layer overlapping coil design is adopted, and high brightness LED is used to display the horizontal position of metal objects accurately, which is convenient for operators to judge. Because of its large size, it is usually placed at the entrance of public entertainment places, conference centers and tourist attractions.

 people screening

Of course, if necessary, it can also be hidden behind a covering or suitable wall to provide secret surveillance. Therefore, walking metal detectors are easy to transport and deploy quickly, which is an ideal solution for police and security personnel to use at temporary checkpoints.


What is a hand-held metal detector

As the name implies, hand-held metal detectors are designed to detect metal objects carried by people or objects. It can detect weapons, explosives or small pieces of metal in packages, luggage, letters and fabrics that people carry. Its surface is very sensitive and easy to operate. Therefore, the use of this metal detector to people screening is more careful. Therefore, people will use hand-held metal detectors in examination halls, subway and other places. In addition, some people may feel uncomfortable walking to metal detectors, so hand-held metal detectors can come in handy.


Walk-through VS Handheld Metal Detector

So what's the difference between the two metal detectors?


(1) Shape and characteristics

Because of its large size and inconvenience to carry, the stepping detector is easier to operate and more convenient than the hand-held detector. The hand-held part adopts anti-skid design and is convenient to work.


(2) Scope of people screening

Walking metal detectors are usually used to determine whether the passenger's packaging contains any explosives or cutting materials, while hand-held detectors can search and determine the specific location of the metal on the person being inspected. So the application scope of these two methods to people screening is different.



With the development of science and technology, more and more devices for people screening have been invented, and each metal detector is also used for specific types of pathways. The characteristics of these detectors are different, and the performance of each type is different. So in the process of choosing and purchasing, it will inevitably dazzle people. Therefore, if you want to purchase economical and practical people screening equipment, please choose us. If you have any questions about the people screening equipment during the purchase process, please consult us.

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