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What are the methods of liquid inspection?

With the development of social economy, there are more and more methods and equipment for safety inspection, and liquid inspection is one of them. I'm sure you're not familiar with liquid testing. If you take some liquids with you when you take a bus or take part in any activity, the security guard will check before you enter. This is a safety check. So, do you know the specific method of safety inspection? Is liquid inspection really necessary at present? The following article briefly introduces liquid inspection and other related common sense, hoping to help you better understand.


The arguments are as follows:

♦ What is liquid inspection

♦ Liquid inspection method

♦ The necessity of it

♦ Summary


What is liquid inspection

I'd like to know if you've heard of liquid tests. When passing the subway safety inspection, if the security equipment detects the liquid you are carrying, the security personnel may let you drink. This is the liquid inspection. If liquids are transported in containers, this is another method of inspection. We just need to put the object on the safety device, and then we can check the liquid. In short, liquid detection is a method to detect flammable, explosive and corrosive dangerous liquids when liquid packaging is opened or not, which can effectively prevent cargo containing dangerous liquids from entering the safety zone.


Liquid inspection method

At present, in order to exclude liquid dangerous goods, the usual practice is to prohibit the introduction of liquid goods into a certain area before entering, or let the carrier beverage show that it is harmless. The former obviously cannot be popularized in most areas, while the latter is time-consuming, laborious and lack of humanization. As a result, more and more technologies have been developed. The existing liquid inspection methods mainly include liquid safety detector and liquid detection system. They are briefly described below.

 baggage scanner

(1) Liquid Safety Detector

The equipment can automatically detect flammable, explosive and corrosive dangerous liquids without opening liquid packaging. It can effectively prevent dangerous liquids from entering the safety zone from the source. It has green environmental protection design, environmental protection and safety detection methods, harmless to human body and detection objects. The liquid detection equipment can detect more than 30 kinds of dangerous liquids, such as gasoline, hydrochloric acid, ether and other flammable and corrosive liquids. Very low concentrations of liquids can even be found. Now it has been widely used in the safety inspection of Party organs, airports, Metro and other important places.


(2) Liquid Safety Inspection System

The system can obtain liquid characteristics through CT scanning, and then detect and distinguish water, milk, gas, alcohol and other substances. Even if the liquid is packaged with glass, plastic or ceramic packaging materials, it can be detected. Moreover, its detection speed is very fast, and it can complete the liquid inspection work efficiently and accurately.


The necessity of it

At present, various kinds of terrorist incidents occur frequently at home and abroad, and show an upward trend, so liquid inspection is very necessary. This method can avoid dangerous incidents from the source as far as possible, interrupt the spread of dangerous liquids, and make society safer.



Do you think liquid inspection is very important? Public places are places where a large number of public personnel gather, so a series of safety checks, such as liquid checks, are indispensable. This method not only improves the safety of public places, but also makes the society, the country and the people in a relatively safe environment. If you need to buy safe liquid testing equipment, please choose our company. If you have any equipment related to liquid inspection, please communicate with us in time.

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