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What are the side effects of X-ray?

With the development of social economy, more and more high-tech has been invented and widely used in life and work. X-ray screening technology is one of them. After so many years, we can see that the emergence of X-rays has brought many differences to our lives. Because of the wide application of this technology, the world is becoming more and more peaceful. So, what kind of technology do you know about X-ray screening? Does this technology have any side effects? The following article briefly introduces this technology, hoping to help you better understand the X-ray screening technology.


Analysis points are as follows:

♦  What is X-ray

♦  X-ray application

♦  X-ray side effects

♦  In conclusion


What is X-ray

X-ray is a flow of particles generated by electron transitions in atoms between two levels, with many different energies. They are electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths between ultraviolet and gamma rays. X-ray wavelength is very short, between about 0.01 and 100A. X-ray was established in 1895. X-ray has high penetration and can make many materials opaque to visible light, such as ink paper, wood, etc. This invisible light can cause visible fluorescence of many solid materials, making photographic films and air ionization sensitive. X-ray was originally used in medical imaging diagnosis and X-ray crystallography. But X-rays are also harmful radiation, such as free radiation.


X-ray application

With the development of social economy, X-ray screening technology has been widely used in various fields, and has brought us a lot of convenience. The following is a brief introduction to the application of X-ray screening.


(1) Public places of entertainment

In recent years, security measures for the state and amplitude of large venues have also increased due to terrorist attacks in public places around the world. Large-scale event organizations around the world also pay more attention to safety and risk prevention to ensure that personnel will not be hurt as much as possible. Therefore, X-ray screening technology has been widely used in this field, and related equipment has also been widely used. Because of its powerful detection capability and stable performance, these devices provide sufficient security for public entertainment places and personnel.

(2) Industrial testing

X-ray screening can also be used in industrial testing. This technology can be used to detect automobile parts, aluminum and iron castings, hardware products, pressure vessels and so on, without causing damage to the articles.


(3) Public Security System

With the increasingly prominent social contradictions and the increasingly serious anti-terrorism situation, many public security organs, prisons and other government agencies continue to commit violent crimes and illegal acts, which greatly endanger the personal and property safety of everyone and have an indelible impact. In society. Therefore, in order to prevent and stop similar violent incidents, the number of safety equipment in relevant departments is also increasing. X-ray is one of them. X-ray screening can be used in safety inspection machines. It has the function of face recognition and other related functions. It can achieve accurate matching between packages and people. X-ray equipment has the ability to identify objects professionally. In the screening process, the staff can also judge the attributes of the detected substances according to the different colors identified to determine whether they pose a threat to us. In addition, the detection speed of equipment is very fast, which effectively improves the effectiveness of public security to a certain extent. Rate.


X-ray side effects

Although X-ray has brought many benefits to our life, it has also brought us some invisible effects. So what are the side effects of X-ray screening?


(1) It is well known that X-ray is harmful to human body. In the process of detection, X-ray emitted by X-ray flaw detector irradiates human tissues, but it also interacts with cells, tissues, body fluids and other substances in vivo, which leads to the ionization of substance molecules or atoms, thus directly destroying some macromolecular structures in vivo, breaking the chain of proteins and molecules in vivo, and destroying them. Some enzymes that play an important role in human metabolism can directly destroy cell structure in severe cases.


(2) The working environment of X-ray screening is complex and diverse. This kind of working environment may bring many unsafe factors, such as working at high altitude, working in limited space or in bad weather. If people do not pay attention to safety protection, it will directly affect their health.


The side effects of X-rays far outweigh those. X-ray screening can also kill and destroy biological cells. Excessive irradiation may affect the physiological function of selected subjects.


In conclusion

Therefore, the emergence of each technology will have a two-sided impact on us. Although X-ray screening technology has brought us many benefits, it also affects the number of screening objects. Therefore, in the application process, we should use cautiously and do the corresponding security work well. Of course, if you need economically safe products, you can use X-ray screening technology, please choose us. I believe we are your ideal choice.

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