Eastimage Express R & D strength is on the rise!
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Eastimage Express R & D strength is on the rise!

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Recently, Shanghai Eastimage smoothly passed the review of 2017 Shanghai Hi-tech Enterprise.

This review work is strictly following the related regulations of “Hi-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Method”- No. 32, 2016 National Science, Development, “Hi-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Work Instruction Index”- No. 195, 2016 National Science, Development, “Shanghai Hi-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Implement Method”- No. 22, 2016 Shanghai Science, Cooperation, of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and State Taxation Administration. After the layer review of the field experts, Eastimage smoothly passed the review work of 2017 Shanghai City Hi-tech Enterprise.

Since passed the Hi-tech Enterprise recognition by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2005, we have been paying great attention on Science Innovation work, obtained strong technology research and development ability, achieved many core proprietary intellectual property rights, more than 60 Patents technologies. Shanghai Eastimage have made remarkable achievements in transformation of science and technology and reached leadership level in the field on the science and technology development ability.
After passing the review work of the hi-tech enterprise, our company will continure enjoying the tax deduction policy including 10% business income tax deduction, given by the government. Which will further help EASTIMAGE promote company self-innovation and science progress, expand products’ range, elevating Brand image and have positive promote impact to the enterprise steady development.

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