Human body temperature measurement is essential
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Human body temperature measurement is essential

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        Unknowingly, more than half of the year 2020 has passed. Looking back, everyone should have walked in the streets, but the happy New Year has ushered in bad news. People don’t know when and where the new coronavirus began to fill the major news reports. As the number of infected people rises, everything starts to become panic-stricken. At first, the outbreak was not very extensive, veryone began to wear masks to prevent the spread between people, but intangible things could not be controlled. There were still crowds so the outbreak was conceivable and even mutated which is unexpected.


        Most of the infection symptoms are fever, cough, etc., and most of the thermometers on the market have the risk of cross-infection, and even the measurement results are not completely accurate. Eastimage hopes to be able to detect human temperature in time with high-efficiency non-contact detection products. Early detection can prevent early. In places where there is a huge flow of people, it is not ideal to rely on one staff member to check back and forth. Not only does it consume manpower, but it also cannot perform accurate detection, and even leak detection may occur. Therefore,Eastimage uses infrared thermal imaging technology to detect the temperature of the human body. All real-time temperatures will be analyzed and reported through the built-in software. Light and sound alarms will also be reminded for abnormal temperatures to prevent missed inspections. There will be no contact during the whole process. This is also an efficient security solution used by China during the epidemic control. At the same time, matching the black body can improve the detection accuracy to a greater extent.



        The alternation and circulation of the flow of people is very easy to promote the spread of the virus. Wearing a mask is one thing, reducing outing is also one thing, but with the control of the epidemic, people begin to flow, there will still be foreign imports and domestic infections, asymptomatic infected people is happening around us, so we must not take it lightly.

        We don't know what the intention of the epidemic is. Only by fighting against the enemy can we win.


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