Importance of obtaining General Administration of Civil Aviation of Security Inspection Equipment Certification
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Importance of obtaining General Administration of Civil Aviation of Security Inspection Equipment Certification

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Importance of obtaining General Administration of Civil Aviation of Security Inspection Equipment Certification

Why is Civil Aviation Certification so important

    Civil aviation safety technology inspection is an important part of civil aviation air defense security work; It is a professional security inspection team authorized by the civil aviation subjective Department of the State Council. In order to ensure aviation safety, it carries out public security technical inspection on Chinese and foreign passengers and articles, as well as flight cargo and mail in accordance with national laws and regulations, so as to prevent hijacking and explosion of civil aviation flights and other acts endangering aviation safety, and ensure the safety of life and property of the state and passengers, It is compulsory and professional.

    It is defined as the use of technical or other means of inspection to identify and/or discover Weapons, explosives or other dangerous devices, goods or substances that may be used to carry out unlawful interference. China's civil aviation has entered a high-quality development stage. The demand of passengers for civil aviation security inspection is not only limited to safety, but also the demand of security inspection efficiency and service quality is gradually increasing.How to ensure the safety and efficiency of passengers through the security check is the key issue of the airport managers.

    The "9-11" incident is a typical symbol of aviation crime. After that, the air defense security situation faced by civil aviation is increasingly severe and complex, and the nature of terrorist activities against civil aviation is more direct and cruel. To ensure air defense security is not only an important means to protect national security, but also an important means to maintain national security and social stability, and the process of security inspection is more and more important. Safety inspection relies on the progress of science and technology, from the X-ray machine, metal detection door and hand-held metal detector to liquid detector and trace explosive detector, which has brought a revolution to improve the efficiency and reliability of safety inspection.

    Therefore, the quality and reliability of the safety inspection machine used in civil aviation need to be strictly checked.And that makes Civil Aviation Certification the top security standard.

The continuous growth of civil aviation incidents accelerates the upgrading and optimization of security solutions

From placing bombs in small cans to detonating the whole plane, to terrorists using checked luggage bug to plan multiple air crashes, then there was the micro explosive incident, and the 9-11 incident, which made the world know that deadly terrorists can make airplanes a lethal weapon. Every time the security check is upgraded, criminals will find new ways. Because security inspection is the last line of defense to protect our safety, so the perfection of security inspection and strict detection can make us safer.


The development of security inspection solution and CT

In recent years, the concept of overall solution has emerged in the field of security inspection design, namely, breaking the layout of facilities and equipment and basic staffing of the traditional security inspection, concentrating on the application of new technology and new mode of security inspection and giving full play to its effectiveness, so as to ensure that the safety margin of air defense is not reduced, and the safety inspection efficiency is comprehensively improved.

The combination of the reasonable application of new security inspection technology and the process mode can form an efficient security inspection system.

Compared with the original simple security design, the advantages of the overall solution design of security inspection lie in higher safety redundancy and stronger plasticity. It can customize more safety functions according to the operation experience of civil aviation security inspection, and form a multi-dimensional safety inspection and prevention system. The main security inspection modes are: the portable safety detectors carry out preliminary inspection, the metal detection door carries out the whole-body inspection, the X-ray baggage scanner carries out the package, and the baggage comprehensive inspection can detect objects less than one millimeter.


The emergence of a new generation of CT security machine is of great significance to the development of intelligent security

If we say that the traditional security inspection machine in the common subway, civil aviation and other application places is to take two-dimensional "photos" of objects, then the CT security inspection machine is to take three-dimensional imaging of objects, which is to achieve leapfrog development on the basis of the previous generation of technology. Security inspection industry is divided into three categories: people, vehicles and goods. CT security machine is a high-end product in the field of security inspection, and is also the ultimate international security inspection equipment. It can take all-round imaging of luggage, reduce the number of passengers unpacking, so as to improve the efficiency of security inspection. 

When multiple X-rays are used to image objects, different rays will show different angles of the objects, and then the computer will build a three-dimensional image of the objects, which is closer to the real appearance of the objects and more conducive to the identification of security personnel. At the same time, radiation measurement will be much smaller, even if it is used frequently, it will not reach the upper limit of safe radiation measurement for human body.

We are Eastimage

The R&D personnel of Eastimage are working overtime to test and make full preparations for entering the market. Our goal is to use the self-developed CT security machine to make a big show in the field of intelligent security.

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