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Is X-ray inspection safe

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With the development of society and economy, X-ray Screening has been widely used in various fields, but it has also been slowly discovered by some people. Due to the occurrence of nuclear accidents and nuclear accidents in Japan in the past few years, the panic of nuclear radiation has been spreading all over the world. The shadow of "talking about radiation color change" triggered by "talking about nuclear color change" has quietly enveloped people's minds. . While the community is paying close attention to the impact of “nuclear radiation”, the security industry is also conducting a heated discussion about whether X-ray Screening equipment is “safe”. The following article briefly introduces X-ray Screening. Security issues and corresponding security protection knowledge. I hope to help you better understand X-rays.

The arguments are as follows:

✉ What is X-ray

✉ Is X-ray Screening really safe

✉ X-ray safety protection

✉ Conclusion

What is X-ray

X-rays are particle streams produced by electronic transitions in atoms between two energy levels, with widely varying energies. They are electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between the ultraviolet and gamma rays. Its wavelength is very short, between about 0.01 and 100 angstroms. Founded in 1895 by the German physicist W.K. X-rays have high penetrating power and can make many substances that are opaque to visible light, such as ink paper, wood, and the like. This invisible light can cause visible fluorescence of many solid materials, making photographic film and air ionized sensitive. X-rays were originally used in medical imaging diagnostics and X-ray crystallography. X-rays are also radiation harmful radiation, such as free radiation.

Is X-ray Screening really safe

With the increasing international terrorist activities, governments have stepped up public safety precautions. X-ray safety inspection equipment designed to detect dangerous goods and contraband contained in baggage items, because of its intuitive imaging, can effectively highlight the display of tools, explosives, drugs and other contraband, at airports, customs, railways, subways Various public places have been widely used, and more and more have entered the public eye. Although X-rays are widely used in many fields, have you ever thought about whether X-ray Screening are really safe? In the process of x-ray inspection, there are many factors that affect the health and safety of x-ray workers and related personnel.

(1) It is well known that x-rays are harmful to human health. During the detection process, the X-rays emitted by the x-ray flaw detector are irradiated to human tissues, interact with substances such as cells, tissues, and body fluids in the body to cause atomic or molecular ionization of the substances, thereby directly destroying certain macromolecular structures in the body. It breaks the molecular chain of the protein, breaks the ribonucleic acid or deoxyribonucleic acid, destroys some enzymes that are important for the metabolism of the substance, and even directly damages the cell structure. In addition, the radiation can also form free radicals by ionizing water molecules in the body, directly damaging the human body through free radicals.

(2) The working environment of X-ray Screening is complex and diverse, so that the working environment may bring other unsafe factors, such as: rain and snow weather, high-altitude operations, limited space operations, etc. Protection also threatens the health of the workers.

Therefore, doing a good job in X-ray Screening safety protection is an important guarantee for the health of X-ray Screening workers and related personnel.

X-ray safety protection

In view of the unsafe factors existing in the X-ray Screening process, the X-ray operation safety protection work needs to be considered from the following aspects:

(1) Job site management:

Before the X-ray Screening operation, the inspection unit and the relevant department should communicate and communicate in time, coordinate the planning work arrangement; pull the safety warning belt in the operation area, set the firm and eye-catching safety warning notice board “radiation detection, please do not approach”, “ Beware of ionizing radiation, etc., non-workers are not allowed to enter the work area. If there are multiple units that need to work in the intersection, the two parties should coordinate the safe and reasonable arrangement work, and the non-test personnel will not affect their physical health when they enter the radiation detection area. In the rain, snow, wet weather, etc., do a good job of blocking rain, snow, moisture and moisture, to avoid leakage and injury, slipping and falling.

(2) Instrument and equipment management

The equipment used for X-ray Screening must be in good condition. Each instrument should be qualified (calibrated) and within the validity period, the equipment that has passed the verification (calibration) is unqualified or has expired and the damage must not be invested. use. This is to prevent personal injury and death caused by equipment damage, and is also an element of quality control.

(3) Personnel control

1. X-ray Screening personnel should be at least 18 years of age, and the medical examination is qualified to meet the requirements of the ray operation, and the unqualified personnel qualification certificate and the "radiation staff certificate" are not allowed to perform the operation.

2. Before the X-ray workers are on duty, the unit should organize pre-job training to improve the safety awareness of the workers and learn the basic safety protection knowledge.

3. In the inspection operation, there should be a safety guardian who can communicate with the outside world in a timely and effective manner. When an emergency occurs, appropriate measures can be taken.

4. The operator must wear relevant protective equipment to wear monitoring equipment to improve the protection.

Although the damage caused by radiation to the human body in X-ray Screening is difficult to avoid completely, the necessary safety protection measures can reduce the damage below the allowable range of the occupational exposure dose limit.


After reading this article, do you have a better understanding of X-rays? Have you mastered some safety knowledge of X-ray Screening? As a manufacturer of X-ray safety inspection equipment, we are working hard to improve equipment radiation protection measures. . If you want to buy X-ray Screening equipment with high safety and low radiation, please choose our company. If you have any doubts about X-ray safety inspection equipment, please consult us in time.

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