Is X-ray screening better than other screening methods?
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Is X-ray screening better than other screening methods?

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Is X-ray screening better than other screening methods?

Safety checks involve the personal safety of passengers, so passengers must be checked before they are allowed to enter the appropriate places. In addition, regardless of occupation, gender and nationality, the goal of security inspection is personnel. Everyone is equal before the security check. The main content of safety inspection is to check whether passengers and their luggage carry guns, ammunition, inflammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic, radioactive substances and other dangerous goods to ensure the safety of passengers' personal and property. Existing safety inspection methods mainly include X-ray inspection technology, manual inspection and related equipment inspection. Among them, X-ray screening technology is the most widely used. So, is X-ray screening better than other screening methods? Here, we make a simple comparative analysis, hoping to help you better understand X-ray screening and other screening methods.

The main points are as follows:

✉ X-ray screening

✉ Other screening methods

✉ X-ray screening VS other screening methods

✉ Conclusion

X-ray screening

From the discovery of X-ray to its wide use, X-ray screening technology has also been widely used. X-ray inspection now mainly includes package inspection, baggage and cargo inspection, pallet and cargo inspection and industrial inspection. This method is mainly used to check passengers 'baggage. After the safety inspection, passengers can register on the plane or carry related articles.

When screening with X-ray, X-ray can pass through objects that can not be penetrated by visible light. At the same time, the rest of the x-ray light are received by the detectors and processed into x-ray images ,the screening results come out. Based on this principle, the detectors sensitivity can be used to determine whether there are threats inside a baggage. In the process of security inspection, if a threatening object is detected, X-ray will react with the detected object, thus displaying different colors and shapes. Relevant personnel can judge whether the detected objects are qualified or not, which greatly improves the safety of public places.

Other screening methods

There are other screening methods for safety inspection, including manual inspection, screening of detection doors or metal detectors.

The detection door is used to check the passengers, mainly to check whether the passengers are carrying prohibited items.

Magnetic detectors, also known as hand-held detectors, are mainly used for close inspection of passengers.

(3)Manual inspection, that is, passenger lines are manually inspected by security personnel or male and female inspectors for their body search methods.

X-ray screening VS other screening methods

Compared with the above screening methods, X-ray screening and other screening methods are mainly different as follows:

(1) X-ray VS manual inspection

In contrast, manual inspection may have more loopholes, because some illegal factors will bring dangerous goods into public places by changing shape, color, etc. At this point, security personnel may not be able to detect and stop them in time. X-ray examination is very strict. It can detect all potentially dangerous items.

(2) Screening objectives

X-ray screening is suitable for all people or objects. The screening method can check all items related to the same object at the same time. However, other screening methods can only screen people, or only carry items, so the scope of screening is relatively limited.


After reading our introduction, do you know more about the existing screening methods? Although the world is stable and peaceful, it may only be a superficial phenomenon, but in fact, there are many hidden dangers invisible. Therefore, safety inspection is indispensable. If you want to know more about X-ray screening and other screening methods, please consult us in time. We are sure to provide you with the best introduction of available X-ray screening and other screening methods.


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